Purchasing a photocopier for your business is a big investment. To make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase, here are five factors to consider:

The photocopier company

Before you begin comparing different models of photocopiers, it may be smart to compare copier companies. The truth is, most of the popular photocopier brands have similar features and will be able to handle the needs of your company. The photocopier company you choose to do business with will have a bigger impact on your overall satisfaction. Look for a company that is locally owned and offers a variety of customer-oriented solutions, such as managed print services. This will allow you to create a collaborative and effective relationship with your photocopier expert.

New or pre-owned

When buying a photocopier for your office, you’ll need to choose between a new or pre-owned device. Buying a new device usually means getting the most current technology available and often includes a valuable warranty. The downside is that a new copier will require a hefty investment up-front. Pre-owned copiers are substantially cheaper, so you may be able to upgrade to a better model while staying within your budget. A reputable photocopier company should offer a warranty or other guarantee on a pre-owned device, so you can avoid getting stuck with a lemon. However, the nature of a pre-owned photocopier is that someone has used it before and it may not last as long as a new device.

Lease or buy

Choosing between leasing and buying basically comes down to how much money you are comfortable spending now versus over time. Leasing allows you to pay a monthly fee over the term of the lease, then upgrade to a new device if you choose to do so. This is great for businesses that are just starting out and may not have much cash to invest. However, if you lease photocopiers for five to ten years, you may end up paying more than if you just purchased one outright. When you buy a photocopier, you will invest more money up front, but then the device is yours for its entire lifetime. If you decide to upgrade later, you will have to come up with enough cash to purchase a new one.

Business needs

Another important factor to consider when buying a photocopier is the needs of your office. More specifically, think about the volume of copying, types of projects, number of people using the device, and amount of space available. If 50 people will be using the same photocopier throughout the business day, a top-tier copier, such as the Konica Minolta C554, would likely be the best choice. If you only have a few people using the copier or rarely print more than a few pages at a time, something smaller, like the Konica Minolta C224, would probably be sufficient. Ask yourself if your business needs photocopier features such as color printing capability, a finisher, a by-pass tray, or high paper capacity. This will help you narrow down your options.

High-tech features

Modern photocopiers incorporate some pretty fantastic high-tech solutions for business owners. Many devices are capable of connecting with mobile print apps, allow the owner to budget print jobs, and can help you monitor the use of power and other consumables. As you shop for a new photocopier, discuss these types of features with your copier expert to decide which would be most useful for your company.

Choosing a new photocopier for your office is an exciting process. These five factors will help you specify your needs, narrow your options, and make the absolute best choice. Contact us for more information.