Our Environmental Impact

“Common Sense Business Solutions cares for our environment and we believe that we owe more than just lip service in doing our part to preserve it.”

We Are Helping Lower the Carbon Footprint

We share common sense ideas that help our business partners lower energy costs, save paper, reduce packaging waste, and better utilize resources from an environmental perspective.

We will provide these helpful solutions with all companies, whether they are a customer of ours or not because together we can make a difference.

In the vast majority of cases, we are able to share ideas that will help lower any company’s carbon footprint while simultaneously providing immediate savings. Click on our Environmental Survey link for more ideas and a complimentary review of your business.

By working primarily with pre-owned, refurbished copiers and printers we are lessening the impact on the environment. Many copiers are replaced after 3 years when the initial lease term comes due. Most of those copiers then sit in a warehouse forever while a brand new machine is manufactured and delivered to take the place of a perfectly good system.

95% of the systems that are permanently retired have provided only a fraction of their anticipated yield. We just don’t think that this makes Common Sense.

Reducing Carbon Footprint at Common Sense Business Solutions
Reducing Carbon Footprint at Common Sense Business Solutions

We Offer Pre-Owned Equipment

At Common Sense Business Solutions we handpick pre-owned equipment in the best condition with the lowest usage. We then thoroughly refurbish these machines so that they look and perform to the expectations of a new machine.

We offer models only 1 generation removed from the most current models but our customers pay up to 50% less than they would pay for a new machine.

We Work With Environmentally Friendly Manufacturers

In addition to extending the life of existing products and helping companies identify areas to preserve resources, we work with the most environmentally decorated manufacturer in our industry; The KonicaMinolta product line utilizes the most recycled materials in their production, the most post-use recyclables at time of disposal, the lowest energy usage of any equipment in the industry and consumable cartridges that can be recycled at curbside.

Green Business is everyone’s responsibility and together we can make a difference, so take our Environmental Survey today and let us help lower your carbon footprint.

Reducing Carbon Footprint at Common Sense Business Solutions

5 Ways Large Copiers Have a POSITIVE
Impact on the Environment

Environmental Impact - Common Sense Business Solutions

Get the Most Out of Your Toner Cartridge

A single copier toner cartridge can last 10 – 20 times longer than the average desktop laser printer toner cartridges resulting in far fewer non-recyclable cartridges in our landfills.

Environmental Impact - Common Sense Business Solutions

Reduce Use of Unnecessary Packing Material

Because toner cartridges for large copiers last 10 – 20 times longer than desktop printer cartridges, there is far less packaging associated with delivering toner to each device.

Imagine the mountain of Styrofoam packaging and plastics that come from 20 laser printer cartridges.

Environmental Impact - Common Sense Business Solutions

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

High yield copier toner cartridges minimize freight deliveries because a single cartridge lasts 10 – 20 times longer than laser printer cartridges.

Imagine the amount of greenhouse emissions from 10 – 20 individual freight deliveries for low-yield printer cartridges.

Stop Clogging Landfills

Copier toner cartridges are constructed of a single, recyclable plastic tube that is curbside recyclable and packaged without any Styrofoam or plastics whereas most desktop laser printer cartridges are made of rigid plastics and polymers that aren’t recyclable and clog our landfills.

Environmental Impact - Common Sense Business Solutions

Less Is Actually More With a Single Copier

A single copier will serve an entire company’s printing, scanning, and faxing needs often replacing as many 8-10 individual printers and scanners.

Additionally, the average copier will perform for up to 10 years whereas the average desktop device has a 3–5-year life span. By using a single large copier, many companies can eliminate 15 – 20 desktop devices ending up in landfills.

5 Ways to Lessen Your Carbon Footprint
When Using a Large Multifunction Copier

Environment Impact - Common Sense Business Solutions

Adjust Your Settings

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Set your printing and copying default settings to automatic 2-sided printing to save on paper.

Environment Impact - Common Sense Business Solutions

Be Considerate of Fonts

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Choose a font that uses less toner – Did you know that a Times Roman font uses 30% less toner than Arial and that most printer manufacturers have their machines default to Arial, so you will need to purchase 30% more toner? Save money and waste by using less toner.

Environment Impact - Common Sense Business Solutions

Save Your Power

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Enable power save settings so the machine will use less power when not actively in use.

Environment Impact - Common Sense Business Solutions

Convert Faxes to PDFs

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Have incoming faxes converted to PDF files and routed to your email rather than having them print on paper thus saving paper and enhancing convenience.

Environment Impact - Common Sense Business Solutions

Buy or Lease Pre-Owned

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Purchase or lease a pre-owned color copier. By acquiring a lightly owned machine you’ll simultaneously extend the useable life of the resource while also lowering your costs. Fewer materials in the landfill and more materials in the pocketbook.

Environmentally Friendly Copiers, Yes Copier - Unfinished

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Environmentally Friendly Copiers

When you think of purchasing a copier, you don’t immediately think of its environmental impact. In reality, we tend to think of copiers a terrors wreaking havoc on our environment.

With time we are learning there are certain factors to consider when choosing a printer for your business.

Is it better to have multiple smaller copiers or one large one to serve the entire workplace. We talk about these facts in the blog post below. Click the button to read on!