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EnvironmentCommon Sense Business Solutions cares for our environment and we believe that we owe more than just lip service in doing our part to preserve it. We share common sense ideas that help our business partners lower energy costs, save paper, reduce packaging waste and better utilize resources from an environmental perspective. We will provide these helpful solutions with all companies, whether they are a customer of ours or not because together we can make a difference. In the vast majority of cases we are able to share ideas that will help lower any company’s carbon footprint while simultaneously providing immediate savings. Click on our Environmental Survey link for more ideas and a complimentary review of your business.

By working primarily with pre-owned, refurbished copiers and printers we are lessening the impact on the environment. Many copiers are replaced after 3 years when the initial lease term comes due. Most of those copiers then sit in a warehouse forever while a brand new machine is manufactured and delivered to take the place of a perfectly good system. 95% of the systems that are permanently retired have provided only a fraction of their anticipated yield. We just don’t think that this makes Common Sense.

At Common Sense Business Solutions we hand pick pre-owned equipment in the best condition with the lowest usage. We then thoroughly refurbish these machines so that they look and perform to the expectations of a new machine. We offer models only 1 generation removed from the most current models being offered but our customers pay up to 50% less than they would pay for a new machine. We feel that saving money while making an environmentally friendly decision just makes Common Sense.

In addition to extending the life of existing products and helping companies identify areas to preserve resources, we work with the most environmentally decorated manufacturer in our industry; The KonicaMinolta product line utilizes the most recycled materials in their production, the most post use recyclables at time of disposal, the lowest energy usage of any equipment in the industry and consumable cartridges that can be recycled at curbside. Green Business is everyone’s responsibility and together we can make a difference, so take our Environmental Survey today and let us help lower your carbon footprint.

Please take our Environmental Survey to learn ideas on how you lower your carbon footprint.


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