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Common Sense Business Solutions is extremely proud to represent the Konica Minolta family of multifunction printer products. Konica Minolta embraces many of the values that we promote at Common Sense Business Solutions including an emphasis on environmentally friendly products and a commitment to innovation. Konica Minolta has been an industry leader since 1959 with more patents than any manufacturer in the copier industry and a pioneer in producing products that reduce the impact on our environment.

As the founder of Common Sense Business Solutions I have represented Konica Minolta copiers, printers and scanners since 1987.

During that time Konica Minolta has led the field in innovation consistently bringing products to the market that push the envelope of productivity. These cutting edge multifunction products from Konica Minolta carry the tagline Bizhub representing the notion that a single device can serve as the communication hub handling all printing, copying, scanning for an entire company or department. Not only does Konica Minolta manufacture and invent revolutionary technology to increase productivity, they also are the most environmentally decorated manufacturer in the industry. Konica Minolta has been a leader of the environmental movement since the 1980s and their commitment continues to evolve. In March 2013 Konica Minolta announced their long term EcoVision 2050 that outlines their goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 80% by the year 2050. Amongst the points of emphasis that currently relate to Konica Minolta’s effort to embrace Green Business is the energy saving features built into each of their products; adjustable automatic power down modes to save energy; copiers that automatically enter sleep mode when inactive and wake up as a user walks up to use the equipment; equipment using the lowest fusing temperatures in the laser printing process resulting in reduced energy consumption. curbside recyclable toner cartridges and 100% recyclable packaging materials; equipment manufactured with the highest percentage of post use recyclable materials reducing the strain on our landfills; Konica Minolta continues to demonstrate an environmental responsibility that we appreciate and support. Konica Minolta shares the ideal of Common Sense Business Solutions to provide our customers with affordable, cutting edge products to help increase efficiently while simultaneously embracing environmental sustainability. We feel that supporting Konica Minolta just makes Common Sense.

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