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General Contractors are major players when it comes to leasing and purchasing multifunction color copiers. With copying, printing, and scanning needs that include accounting and administrative tasks, printing drawings and plans along with marketing outreach materials, having a dependable, high quality color copying and printing system is a must.

Because of the high volume of printing and the need to print on larger sizes of paper, most general contractors and construction company require a commercial multifunction copying and printing system to meet their demand. Not only can these commercial copiers handle the high volume of printing and copying necessary to support a busy office, they also offer helpful features and functionality including large online paper supplies with up to 4 x paper drawers, large paper sizes up to 12” x 18”, the ability to print on heavy card stock, automatic stapling, uber fast scanning and many more helpful capabilities that just aren’t available on “off the shelf” variety of desktop printing devices.

6 Reasons General Contractors will benefit from a commercial color copier vs. desktop printers

1) Lower Printing Costs
Commercial Multifunction Copiers offer a low, fixed printing cost that includes all service and all supplies such as toner, image units and maintenance kits that in most cases is 3 to 5 times less expensive than you would pay to purchase replacement laser printer cartridges for a traditional, desktop laser printer. The average price to make a full color copy or print on a commercial multifunction copy system is generally 6 or 7 cents a page whereas the average price to make a full color copy or print on a desktop laser printer is generally 20 to 50 cents a page depending on the density of the photos or images on the printed page.
2) Larger Paper Sizes
Commercial Multifunction Color Copiers have anywhere from 2 to 4 separate paper drawers that each hold up to 500 sheets of any paper size up to 12” x 18” whereas the majority of desktop printers have only 1 paper drawer that can only hold paper sizes up to 8.5” x 14” which does not allow for printing larger drawings and half scale plans. Additionally, most commercial copiers can handle heavy card stock and coated, glossy paper types that are ideal for producing high quality outreach and marketing materials. Most desktop printers simply don’t have the capacity to print on these heavier stocks and specialty papers.
3) Better Print Image Quality
Commercial Color Copy Systems use highly evolved imaging systems that lay down the 4-color process with more precise and consistent registration and have advanced toner fusing resulting in a higher quality of print image when compared to the less expensive systems found in most desktop printers. Additionally, because of the higher-grade fusing units employed by commercial copy systems, you will get less curl in your printed pages, especially on longer print runs when using a commercial copier compared to a desktop laser printer.

4) More Accurate Printing and Zoom Ratios
Commercial Color Copy Systems are generally built to more exacting standards than lesser expensive desktop systems and can be counted on to provide the most accurate registration and scaling. If you are looking for the most accurate printing and zoom ratios, the Konica Minolta color copiers offer incremental enlargement and reduction in .001% increments. There are no other copiers or printers produced that offer incremental zoom in anything more accurate than .01%
5) All Inclusive Maintenance Agreements with Same Day Onsite Service
When you purchase or lease almost any commercial multifunction color copier, you will have access to an all-inclusive onsite service and supply agreement that includes all of the service, parts and supplies needed to maintain your copier along with same day, onsite service starting at an average of just $50.00 – $100.00 a month depending on print volume. When you compare this to a desktop laser printer, you generally won’t have any onsite service available from the Big Box Store or online distributer from whom you purchased your desktop printer and you will be responsible for purchasing all of the expensive toner cartridges as needed. In many if not most cases, the costs of purchasing these laser printer cartridges for your desktop printer will cost more than the entire cost of the all-inclusive maintenance and supply agreement provided with your commercial multifunction copier.
6) No Out-of-Pocket Costs
Most general contractors and most companies in general lease commercial color copy systems as opposed to purchasing them. Costs vary based on the model of copier you choose and the company who you’re working with (See our copier pricing page for more information on the variables that determine the price you’ll pay for a color copy system) but in most cases you will pay somewhere between $100.00 – $150.00 a month, with no down payment needed for a high quality, color copy-print-scan system with all of the features and capabilities outlined on this page.
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