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Real Estate offices are unique to many other types of professional workplaces. A typical realty office consists of large work forces of part time and full-time employees who most often are subcontractors and not actually employees of the Realtor. Most Real Estate Brokers provide a commercial quality, color copy-print-scan system that the agents can use and struggle with how to track and charge back the color copies and prints made by the real estate agents that work in their offices. Many offices have found that a Konica Minolta multifunction color copier-printer-scanner is a great fit that addresses this unique situation. With fixed, low-cost printing and easy to use Account Tracking, many real estate offices have found a commercial color copy system to be an ideal solution both for the broker and their agents.

5 Reasons you should consider a Konica Minolta Color Copier for your Real Estate Office

1) Convenient, Cost effective Training and Support for a large group of agents

Every time a new agent comes on board, or an existing agent gets a new computer they need “immediate” assistance loading print drivers, setting up scan folders and understanding how to work the machine. *We excel at providing prompt, help desk support where we log in remotely to get agents setup within minutes and help them create shortcuts to make their most common jobs easy. This eliminates the Broker’s office manager or the Broker himself being constantly bombarded by requests and complaints about brokers being unable to get their critical printing and scanning work done. Most of CSBS’ competitors do a poor job of responding to this type of request if they respond at all which creates frequent “mini-drama” in the workplace.

2) Tracking Costs and “Charging Back” Agents for color copies

Most agents are subcontractors and frequently the broker providing the color copier will give access to the agents and will charge the agents a per page rate for any materials they print. Keeping trace of each user’s print usage is accomplished by using Account Tracking which requires an approved, numeric code for use of the printer and then tracks all usage by code number. The upside to this is obvious for the broker in that they are able to recoup what can be a substantial cost for the production of thousands of color copies. The downside for the broker is that this can become a nightmare/hassle for them as these tracking codes need to be setup properly, maintained properly, instituted properly on each new computer added by myriads of agents and ultimately administered easily to make the charge back process simple.

3) Streamlining the ease of use to operate the machine for large, diverse group of agents

We utilize a strategy that relies on creating easy to use short cuts that are stored on the printer itself and within each agent’s printer properties on their computer. These shortcuts allow agents to easily and consistently produce the end results they want when producing their commonly printed materials such as real estate flyers, listing packets, loan packets, maps etc. By simply selecting an aptly named shortcut it alleviates the need for agents to learn and remember a cumbersome set of print settings and eliminates the potential of the broker and his administrative task having to spend all of their time showing agents how to produce the same redundant print jobs.

4) Providing the lowest cost for each printed page

In most cases, when purchasing or leasing a Konica Minolta color copying system, you will also package in an all-inclusive service and supply agreement that provides a low, fixed price for each print that is made. Generally, the cost of making black copies or prints is fixed at a penny a page and the cost of a color copy or print is fixed at 6 or 7 cents a page. This cost includes all service, parts, toner and everything else needed to maintain your copier with the exception of paper and staples. When you compare these low per page rates to the cost of purchasing expensive laser printer cartridges for desktop laser printers, the savings with a color copier can be enormous. Consider that the average real estate flyer will use 30 to 60 cents worth of toner on a laser printer, you can easily spend 5 to 10 times more printing flyers on a desktop printer than the cost you’d spend if using a Konica Minolta color copy system.

5) Higher Quality Flyers and Marketing Materials

Not only is it far more affordable to print your flyers and marketing materials on a commercial copier than it is on a desktop printer, you will also benefit from better image quality and the ability to print on a wider variety of paper stocks and sizes. As an example, Konica Minolta color copiers enable users to print on up to 100lb card stock in sizes ranging from 4” x 6” up to 12” x 18” paper. Most desktop laser printers offer just standard paper sizes up to 8.5” x 14” and are not capable of printing on heavier or glossy stocks of paper.

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