About Common Sense Business Solutions


CSBS is a locally owned Copier-Printer-Scanner Dealership

You’ll love our fast local Copier Service – We Guarantee It!

Ross Wiffler of Common Sense Business Solutions

About Common Sense Business Solutions

Common Sense Business Solutions is a locally owned office equipment dealership with a burning desire to exceed customer expectations. At CSBS, we don’t think earning satisfied customers is good enough; we strive to create raving fans by going above and beyond while doing everything possible to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We are lifelong residents that love Sonoma County just like you do, and the people we serve are our friends, family and neighbors. it is our honor and privilege to serve you, and we’re grateful for your business and your trust.

It is our sincere promise to serve our business partners, clients, and community with integrity and to maintain positive business practices. We are committed to doing business the old-fashioned way, including honest communication, standing behind our promises, providing excellent service, and consistently fair pricing while holding ourselves to a standard we can be proud of.

At Common Sense Business Solutions, we feel our name says it all; we offer sound, affordable, easy-to-understand ideas that enable our business partners to save money while maintaining maximum productivity. We embrace Local Businesses and Green Business Practices, and we are committed to offering cost-effective and practical solutions geared toward helping our clients get the most value and efficiency from the copiers, printers, and scanners we provide. When choosing which company can best support your office equipment needs, we encourage you to use Common Sense.