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Common Sense Business Solutions works with dozens of C.P.A. and Bookkeeping Firms in Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties and we realize the degree to which these firms rely on their multifunction copiers to handle the high volume of copying, printing, and scanning. Frequently, C.P.A.s and Bookkeepers are under strict deadlines involving payroll, tax preparation and other critical matters that can’t be completed without a dependable copier. This is why we take our responsibility so seriously and provide our Accounting Clients the comfort of knowing that even if their machines do occasionally require emergency service, we are always in their neighborhood with a guaranteed 2-4 hour maximum response time to all time-sensitive service needs and when the situation calls for it (Think tax deadlines) we can generally have a service technician in their office within an hour from their initial call.

Whereas we recognize that consistently fast service response is a priority, we also know that the best-case scenario is to help our C.P.A and Bookkeeping clients avoid service issues altogether, especially during those times that we know they’ll be counting on their copier the most. Therefore, we routinely schedule proactive, preventative maintenance visits leading up to tax time and other occasions where there is no margin for error when it comes to having a properly functioning copier, printer and scanner. We also utilize electronic equipment monitoring which can help us identify many potential service issues before they occur helping us avoid unexpected copier downtime. If your C.P.A or Bookkeeping Firm is looking for a copier company you can trust to keep your workflow moving, we encourage you to use Common Sense. Common Sense Business Solutions is here for you when you need us

5 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Copier for your C.P.A or Bookkeeping Firm

1) A Locally Based Service Provider can minimize copier downtime

It only makes Common Sense that a copier company that is in the same city or county as your business is positioned to respond more quickly to your copier service needs especially if it is an emergency at the tail end of the business day. Additionally, when your service provider has a local parts and supply warehouse with all the parts, supplies, equipment, and accessories needed to maintain your copier, the ability to extend excellent service is enhanced. When you add to these things that your copier service provider has a large team of experienced, well-trained technicians that spend each day servicing the brand of copier you use, it gives you the comfort of knowing that you are in the best possible situation to avoid costly downtime on your copier.

2) Data Security is a critical consideration when choosing a networked copier

Data security has become more than a buzzword and is now an important consideration when choosing the best copying system for your Accounting or Bookkeeping firm. Many of the Konica Minolta multifunction copier-printers offer a selection of tools to provide enhanced data security when using your networked printing and scanning system. Some of these security enhancements are Bitdefender Virus Scanning, Security Watermarks, Encrypted PDFs, Password Encryption, Digital I.D. Encryption and SMTP authentication to enable security when sending emails from the copier. To illustrate the reliability of their security functions, Konica Minolta obtained the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation IEC 15408.

3) Electronic Page Numbering, Date Stamping, and Image Stamping are staff favorites

Many of our C.P.A. and Bookkeeping clients benefit from the electronic automated numbering, date stamping and customized stamps that can be printed directly onto the pages as they are being printed. Page numbering and date stamping can be done in numerous different formats and placed at various positions on the printing pages i.e. bottom center, bottom right, top left etc. One of the features our clients love the most is image stamping with standard choices such as Draft, Copy, Confidential, etc. You can also add custom stamps to the library such as Paid, Received, Department name, etc. This great feature not only offers, bold clean stamps but it also eliminates the need to manually add images with a rubber stamp and ink pad.

4) Fast, Easy to Use Document Scanning will save staff time

In today’s world, most C.P.A.s and Bookkeepers do just as much scanning as they do copy and printing and the faster their multifunction copier is at scanning, the less valuable staff time is needed. Even our most affordable Konica Minolta copier-printer-scanner equipment comes standard with 100 sheet document feeders that quickly convert paper documents into PDF files at a scan speed of 80 sheets a minute. These scans can be routed at the push of a button to your choice of email address or file folder or a combination of the two. Many of the higher volume Konica Minolta copiers we offer come standard with 300 sheet document feeders and scan at a rate of 120 sheets of paper a minute enabling users to convert even the largest sets of documents at lightning-fast speeds!

5) Multiple paper drawers eliminate the need to change paper sizes back and forth

If you are a busy C.P.A. or Bookkeeping firm, you will almost certainly require printing onto multiple sizes and types of paper including check paper, legal sized paper, standard letter sized paper and higher quality paper for cover sheets and presentation quality materials. The Konica Minolta multifunction copy machines we offer come with up to 4 separate 500 sheet paper drawers allowing you to keep different sizes and types of paper in each drawer. We can set up your machine so that no one will accidentally print on a specialty paper drawer such as blank checks, letterhead, etc. By assigning these drawers a “Special Paper” designation, end users will only be able to print to that drawer if specifically chosen. The machine will never simply roll over from an empty paper drawer to a different drawer when these designations are chosen. Additionally, you can even use an account track feature where only selected people even have access to print onto these specially designated drawers. By way of having 4 separate paper drawers and using these specialty paper designations, you can keep all of your different paper drawers online and eliminate the time and hassle of changing paper back and forth or from having another person accidentally print on the wrong paper.
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Same Day Service Response
Our average response time is approximately 4 hours

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At Common Sense Business Solutions we recognize and appreciate the fact that we can only be as successful as the valued customers we serve. We set the bar high in asking our customers to have lofty expectations that we’ll do a great job on their behalf. We strive to be friendly, provide good communication, resolve issues promptly and make sure that the equipment we’ve provided is performing at the highest possible level. Supporting the companies that support us is what Common Sense Business Solutions is all about. If your company is looking for great copier service in Sonoma County, California then we feel Common Sense Business Solutions is a great fit for you.

The integrity in which they work is rarely found these days. A pleasure to work with.

Denise Bryant

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The support is awesome. If there is an issue, it’s fixed within a few hours.

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They really care about their clients. Great customer service.

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