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Different industries have different needs for their copier and printer. Common Sense Business Solutions has worked with a large variety of businesses across many industry types and found solutions to assist every one. Below you can see a sampling of the most common industries we work with and how we have helped their businesses become more efficient and effective by addressing their multifunction printing needs.

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The Best Copier for C.P.A and Bookkeeping Firms

Common Sense Business Solutions works with dozens of C.P.A. and Bookkeeping Firms in Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties and we realize the degree to which these firms rely on their multifunction copiers to handle the high volume of copying, printing, and scanning. Frequently, C.P.A.s and Bookkeepers are under strict deadlines involving payroll, tax preparation and other critical matters that can’t be completed without a dependable copier. This is why we take our responsibility so seriously and provide our Accounting Clients the comfort of knowing that even if their machines do occasionally require emergency service, we are always in their neighborhood with a guaranteed 2-4 hour maximum response time to all time-sensitive service needs and when the situation calls for it (Think tax deadlines) we can generally have a service technician in their office within an hour from their initial call.

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The Best Copier for Architects and Engineering Firms

We understand how important it is to Architects and Engineers that their color copying and printing system provides the highest quality and most accurate scaling available. This is why Common Sense Business Solutions represents the Konica Minolta product line, the only copier manufacturer with accuracy and variable enlargement and reduction in .001 increments. Every other copier manufacturer provides accuracy and enlargement and reduction in just .01 increments making these copiers unable to accurately convert metric measurements without “rounding.” We understand that engineers are fans of accuracy and not big on rounding numbers and this is just one of the many reasons, we feel that most architectural and engineering firms are best supported by the Konica Minolta brand of color copiers.


The Best Copier for Churches

Common Sense Business Solutions works with lots of churches and church schools in Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties. Churches are unique in that they produce a high volume of copies and prints, 7 days a week and often do a lot of their work on weekends when onsite service and support may not be available. Couple this with the fact that many of the individuals using the copiers are church volunteers who may not have received training on the equipment, and it becomes clear that the reliability and ease of use are key factors when choosing the best copying system for your church’s needs.

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The Best Copier for General Contractors

General Contractors are major players when it comes to leasing and purchasing multifunction color copiers. With copying, printing, and scanning needs that include accounting and administrative tasks, printing drawings and plans along with marketing outreach materials, having a dependable, high quality color copying and printing system is a must.

The Best Copier for Construction

The Best Copier for the Health Care Industry

If you are in the healthcare industry than you know how critical it is that you can count on your copy, print, and scan system to be reliable. With all the pressure and emergencies that are inherent to the healthcare field, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your copier is working when you need it the most. At Common Sense Business Solutions, we take seriously that you count on us to make sure that your copier is consistently working and that you are never caught in a pinch when it comes to printing or scanning important patient information.

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The Best Copier for Law Offices

Law Firms are well versed with the importance of having a dependable, efficient, high volume multifunction copy, print, scan system to support the heavy document workflow found in the most offices associated with the Legal Profession. Not only does the copier need to be fast and have the accessories law offices need such as automatic stapling, 2- and 3-hole punch, tri-folding etc. but reliability is at the forefront of every Law Firms priority list when it comes to the best copying system for their firms.

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The Best Copier for Real Estate Offices

Real Estate offices are unique to many other types of professional workplaces. A typical realty office consists of large work forces of part time and full-time employees who most often are subcontractors and not actually employees of the Realtor. Most Real Estate Brokers provide a commercial quality, color copy-print-scan system that the agents can use and struggle with how to track and charge back the color copies and prints made by the real estate agents that work in their offices. Many offices have found that a Konica Minolta multifunction color copier-printer-scanner is a great fit that addresses this unique situation. With fixed, low-cost printing and easy to use Account Tracking, many real estate offices have found a commercial color copy system to be an ideal solution both for the broker and their agents.

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The Best Copier for Restaurants

CSBS has helped dozens of high-end, local restaurants lower costs and decrease the turnaround time to print menus by using a color copier to produce menus in house. Restaurants have a unique set of challenges when it comes to printing due to a constantly changing and evolving array of menus that need to be updated each time a new entrée, appetizer or beverage choice is added to or deleted. Because the menus change frequently and restaurants never know how many menus they are going to use between updates, it is time consuming and cost prohibitive to outsource the printing of menus. Not only is the cost higher for each menu when outsourcing, but there is more waste because unused menus need be thrown out any time a menu is updated. The most efficient and cost-effective solution is an affordable, print on demand solution that makes it easy for restaurant staff to quickly print menus as needed. Many color copiers allow you to store menus on the hard drive of the printer enabling staff to re-print menus at the click of a button without ever having to access a computer. Might this be a cost-effective solution for you and your restaurant?

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The Best Copier for Wineries

Winery Tasting Rooms frequently have many printed marketing pieces representing special events, club member offerings, tasting room flight menus, order forms and various other marketing pieces. Much of this printed information is constantly changing and being updated so it’s not always cost effective to have large batches of printed materials produced by a commercial printer because these printed materials can quickly become obsolete. There is a great solution to address the need of printing tasting room materials without incurring the cost that arises when printed materials become outdated. Many wineries have turned to multifunction color copiers that can store commonly needed marketing pieces on the hard drive of the copier where tasting room employees can print them in short run quantities without even needing access to a computer.


At Common Sense Business Solutions we recognize and appreciate the fact that we can only be as successful as the valued customers we serve. We set the bar high in asking our customers to have lofty expectations that we’ll do a great job on their behalf. We strive to be friendly, provide good communication, resolve issues promptly and make sure that the equipment we’ve provided is performing at the highest possible level. Supporting the companies that support us is what Common Sense Business Solutions is all about. If your company is looking for great copier service in Sonoma County, California then we feel Common Sense Business Solutions is a great fit for you.

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