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Winery Tasting Rooms frequently have many printed marketing pieces representing special events, club member offerings, tasting room flight menus, order forms and various other marketing pieces. Much of this printed information is constantly changing and being updated so it’s not always cost effective to have large batches of printed materials produced by a commercial printer because these printed materials can quickly become obsolete. There is a great solution to address the need of printing tasting room materials without incurring the cost that arises when printed materials become outdated. Many wineries have turned to multifunction color copiers that can store commonly needed marketing pieces on the hard drive of the copier where tasting room employees can print them in short run quantities without even needing access to a computer.

The key benefits of storing commonly used marketing materials on the hard drive of the in-house color copier is it allows any employee of the winery to print current, up to date marketing pieces in whatever volume is needed. These materials can be printed in just seconds and cost the winery only pennies for each color marketing sheet. Tasting Room employees can access and print all the necessary marketing materials without even having access to a computer and without needing to know how the copier/printer works. They simply access a screen on the copiers LCD Display where they can view named, thumbnail images of the available marketing pieces. Employees can touch the file that they wish to print, select the quantity on the 10 keypad and hit the start button. By empowering their employees to print on demand there is no need for wineries to pre-print large volumes of materials and run the risk that these materials become obsolete as the winery’s offerings and information changes.

Not only does this print on demand solution eliminate the need to print more pieces than necessary at any given time but it also allows Tasting Rooms to edit and update their information as frequently as possible increasing the efficiency of their marketing materials. Because the marketing pieces are stored on the hard drive of the copier along with all the necessary print setting the potential for human error is virtually eliminated. Even an employee that is relatively unfamiliar with computers or copier print setting can print any necessary materials while being assured of getting the best results each and every time because the optimum features and quality settings are saved along with the image file. Tasting Rooms that want to manage usage and costs can set up their color copier so that any employee accessing the copier will be asked to enter their numeric employee user code. Wineries can then track the print output for each employee.

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Print Marketing Outreach Materials on a Konica Minolta Color Copier

1) Fast Convenient Printing for your Entire Staff

Save time and eliminate staff frustration by storing Tasting Room Media, Outreach Marketing Pieces, Event Flyers and Wine Notes by saving them directly on the hard drive of the printer enabling staff to print these materials as needed with predictable results, no human error, no training and without the need to access a computer.

2) Save Money by eliminating obsolete, pre-printed marketing materials

You will save money by eliminating the need to pre-print more marketing materials than might be used before those materials become outdated and obsolete. By printing materials on your in-house color copier, you only need to print the volume of materials needed for that given day thus eliminating the cost of throwing away pricey, pre-printed marketing materials that have become outdated or obsolete.

3) Save time for the hospitality staff

by saving marketing material files directly on the copiers hard drive, you will eliminate your staff’s need to search for files, access a computer, and the frustration of determining the correct print settings necessary to achieve standardized results.

4) Improve the quality of Marketing Outreach Materials

4) You can create impressive marketing materials by using a Konica Minolta color copying system that provides professional print quality and the ability to print on high quality, heavy paper stock in a variety of paper sizes. Many wineries currently produce inferior quality outreach materials on desktop laser printers and use this inferior marketing material to highlight and educate on their world class wines.

5) Lower the costs of your marketing materials

You will always know in advance the exact cost to print every marketing outreach piece before ever pressing start. Your Konica Minolta color copying system comes with an all-inclusive maintenance and supply agreement that provides a low, fixed price for every color print you produce. In most cases, the cost of producing a high quality, color print is 6 to 7 cents a page plus the cost of paper. When you compare this to the cost of printing on a desktop laser printer at 25 to 75 cents a page or the cost of outsourcing your printing at a cost of 50 cents to $1.00 a page, you’ll see your savings add up fast when printing your marketing materials on a Konica Minolta color copier.

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