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Common Sense Business Solutions Offers a
100% Money-Back Guarantee

If your existing copier company does not offer a Money-Back Guarantee, you should ask “Why Not?

We don’t think it’s right to ask our clients to accept risk associated with the performance of our products or service. After all, we are the ones recommending our products so it just seems right we would be the ones to stand behind our recommendations.

Common Sense Business Solutions offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on every product or service we provide. If a client is ever dissatisfied with any of our products or services, and requests a refund within 30 days of purchase or service performed, we promise to give 100% of your money back. No conditions, no long process, just money back.

They are incredibly responsive and helpful.

David Comfort

★★★★★, Five-Star Review

The integrity in which they work is rarely found these days. A pleasure to work with.

Denise Bryant

★★★★★, Five-Star Review

The service has been fantastic. When I need help, I receive it immediately.

Cathy Olsen

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You Will Love Our Service…We GUARANTEE It!

We understand how frustrating it is when your copier is down, you’re unable to get important work completed and you just aren’t getting the fast, quality service you’ve been promised. That’s why we developed our Service Guarantee.

Stated simply, Common Sense Business Solutions guarantees to have a technician onsite, at your business within 2-4 hours for any incident where your copier is non-operational and if we fail to fulfill this promise the service call is free.

This said, we recognize that a free service call doesn’t remedy the problem if your machine is down and you need it fixed as soon as humanly possible.

That’s why we maintain a robust staff of experienced local technicians, a huge local parts and supply warehouse, and a local dispatch center to ensure we’re able to consistently deliver on our promise to deliver fast, quality service to keep your copier up and running when you need it most.

At Common Sense Business Solutions, everything we do is centered on ensuring our customer’s copiers, printers and scanners work right when they need them most. Our local team of experienced technicians, local dispatch center, help desk, and supply warehouse ensure we can keep your copier operating at peak performance.

We utilize copier monitoring software that allows us to identify and remedy most potential service issues before they even happen, thus helping eliminate costly downtime.

Let us share with you how we can help your office improve the productivity and reliability of your Konica Minolta copying and printing equipment. Your office staff will thank you!

  • Guaranteed Same Day Service on non-operational machines or the call is free.

  • Experienced Technical Staff averages 20+ years of copier repair experience.

  • Huge Local Parts Warehouse helps us complete repairs in hours instead of days.

  • State of the Art Equipment Monitoring identifies most potential problems before they ever happen to minimize and eliminate copier downtime.

  • Local Dispatch Center based in Sonoma County successfully manages the flow of calls to ensure critical calls are completed quickly.

  • Local Help Desk support can immediately respond to help configure new computers, troubleshoot scanning issues, and setting up new employees.

Our Service Promises

At Common Sense Business Solutions, we recognize and appreciate that we can only be successful to the extent we are able to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We ask our clients to set the bar high and to have lofty expectations when it comes to the customer experience we deliver. At CSBS we embrace the daily challenge to over deliver on every aspect of support we provide and believe in good old fashioned service, hard work and doing whatever it takes to make our customers happy.

We strive to be friendly, provide good communication, resolve issues promptly and make sure the copiers and printers we provide perform at the highest possible level. It is our commitment to do business the right way and to stand behind our promises. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of conduct and performance we can be proud of.

To our way of thinking, supporting our clients that support us is what Common Sense Business Solutions is all about.

Same Day Service Response

The average response time for copier repair is approximately 2 hours!

Local Dispatch & Phone Support

We maintain our own Dispatch and Customer Support Departments in our Santa Rosa office. You’ll never dial an 800 number and be connected to someone that doesn’t value your business.

At Common Sense Business Solutions you can expect a friendly, helpful and experienced team member to schedule any necessary maintenance visits or provide complimentary telephone support.

FM Audit Reporting System

We provide software that allows our multi-function copy-print-scan systems to send us alerts before a necessary supply component needs to be replaced.

This allows us to schedule a proactive service visit rather than responding to an emergency alert. We’re all about maintaining uptime for our customers.

Local Technicians

Common Sense Business Solutions has a team of professional and knowledgeable technicians in our Santa Rosa office. Our Service Department is anchored by our Vice President of Service and Master Technician Rita Constantini.

Our team is committed to going the extra mile to make sure that all issues are resolved in such a manner as to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Extensive inventory of Parts & Supplies

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of parts and supplies in our Santa Rosa warehouse covering every model in our service library. By maintaining a large inventory of our entire catalog of parts we are able to complete virtually every service call without delay.

Technical Support Videos

See solutions to common problems

Monitor and Detect Maintenance Issues

color Copier

Ever feel like your office copier stops working at the worst possible times? It can feel that way because most print jobs are actually pretty urgent. Either you’re heading into a meeting or trying to get something in the mail, or you need to print hard copies and file them away—so waiting hours or days just doesn’t cut it.

Print management software acts as a real-time notification system to prevent breakdowns before they happen.

As a copier service provider, we recommend using print management apps and customizing them around your needs. This way, we know when to expect service and maintenance. Toner, ink, and parts can even be automatically ordered just as they’re due for replacement.

The alternative?

You run out of toner the day you’re supposed to print a stack of quarterly reports. Mechanical parts like the fuser or belts suddenly break down and you’re stuck without a copier for at least a day.

Wouldn’t you rather be proactive with print management rather than calling for emergency repairs or grinding to a halt with downtime?

Eliminate Downtime BEFORE it Happens

A common statement that I’ve heard hundreds of times during my 30+ year copier career is:

“It’s a major problem for our company to have the copier-printer down for any extended period of time.”

Making sure a customer’s copier is up and running with minimal downtime is the most critical task facing copier service providers. Many of the companies can provide a service that will help to eliminate costly downtime before it happens.

Yes, you heard it correctly; many copier service providers can eliminate downtime before it happens by utilizing a tool that identifies pending problems before they happen.

man kneeling and holding screw driver while inspecting copier machine
How Do You Identify Problems Before they Happen?

The software can be loaded on a customer’s computers that will communicate with all of the printing devices on your network.

Adjustable settings can be programmed that will allow the copier to monitor when the parts and supplies in each copier are nearing replacement time so these services can happen at the most convenient time to avoid disruption.

Your Copier's Lifespan

Most situations with the potential of creating an emergency repair situation are due to one of several common supply components reaching the end of life.

All color copiers have 4 individual image units, 4 individual toner units, a waste toner collection box, a fusing unit, and a transfer belt.

Each of these items has a specific life span based on number of copies-prints.

When that lifespan is reached on any of these individual components the copier will shut down and ask the customer to contact their service provider which can result in costly downtime until a repair issue arrives.

However, with monitoring software, the machine itself will generate a service call to replace these components BEFORE they reach the end of life thus eliminating costly downtime.

For example when a Magenta Image Unit reaches 95% life expectancy the monitoring software will automatically notify the copier service provider to enter a service request to replace that component so that the issue will be resolved without the copier ever experiencing any downtime due to an expired part.

Copier Monitoring & Reporting Software

The Remote Monitoring software will track critical components in your copier and notify your service department before these components fail to eliminate downtime that can occur when a component expires.

  • Eliminate copier downtime by having pending repair issues and supply needs automatically identified and resolved before the issue actually occurs.
  • Eliminate emergency, unplanned service visits that can occur when copier parts fail unexpectedly. When service calls are proactively scheduled prior to a part or supply expiring service visits can be scheduled at a time that least impacts office productivity.
  • Eliminate the need to manually place orders for toner. The copier monitoring software will actually place toner orders before you run out of toner.
  • Eliminate the need to call in monthly copy meter counts. The copier monitoring software will actually send the monthly meter count directly to your copier service provider.
  • Create reports and spreadsheets that provide detailed summaries of copy, print and scan usage for each and every machine on your network and determine the costs of using each individual printer and copier.

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They deliver first class service and responsive support.

Mike Macedonio

★★★★★, Five-Star Review

The support is awesome. If there is an issue, it’s fixed within a few hours.

Tim Mayclin

★★★★★, Five-Star Review

Great product, great price point, great support!

Johann Hall

★★★★★, Five-Star Review

What Can Print Management Software Like FMAudit Do?

Printer Repair

Print management provides monitoring and alerts for print-copy volume, toner levels, and the life expectancy for parts that must be replaced occasionally. It’s a lot like having software in your car that tells you when to replace wiper fluid and get an oil change.

We use print management software that communicates automatically and be adjusted for the tasks you want it to oversee:

  • Monitor print and copy counts
  • “Just-in-time” inventory ordering
  • Print management for specific devices or all printers/copiers
  • Automated copy meter reporting
  • And more

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about what your data print management software collects. It doesn’t read your documents or report more data than is necessary for ordering toner refills and alerting you to upcoming service needs.

Print Management Service in Santa Rosa, CA

We take care of everything else—so you can use your printer and copier without any fuss. Common Sense Business Solutions handles service, repairs, toner delivery, and more. Print management software makes the entire process as seamless and hands-free as possible.

If you’re looking to buy or lease a copier in Santa Rosa, make sure to choose a local printer service that helps you cut costs and get the best reliability and uptime out of your equipment.

Common Sense Business Solutions offers customized solutions at every step. From selecting the best multifunction printer to ongoing support and print management, we have your back. And we do it all with fair pricing and dedicated customer service.

Print management services make it possible to use your office copier the way you want. Common Sense Business Solutions helps anticipate printer problems and toner replacement so you can always “hit print” and expect it to work!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation for buying or leasing a copier with print management services.