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CSBS FAQs About Printers
CSBS FAQs About Printers
Does CSBS lease color copy machines?

Yes, CSBS offers leasing on all new and used copiers? Leases range from 1 – 5 years in length based on the needs of the individual customer.

How much does it cost to lease a color copier?

The monthly lease payment depends on the copier model and the length of lease term, however, 90% of our color copier leases are in the range of $85.00 – $150.00 a month with 0 down payment. Complete our online questionnaire form and we will email back a specific quote based on your criteria with no need to speak with a salesperson.

Does CSBS provide copier service contracts?

Yes, CSBS offers the same all-inclusive monthly maintenance agreements whether the copier is purchased or leased.

Is toner and supplies included in a copier service contract?

Our copier service contracts include all parts, toner and supplies with the only exceptions being paper and staples.

How much do copier service contracts cost?

The cost of copier service contracts is determined based on the volume of prints and copies you produce. As a rule of thumb, a service contract covering all service, parts, and supplies costs approximately $1.00 per 100 black prints produced and approximately $5.00 – $7.00 per 100 color prints produced.

How do I know which copier model is best for my business?

We suggest taking our self-guided Questionnaire on the home page of our website, located in the section titled “Our Konica Minolta Copiers” or you can contact us for a complimentary evaluation without talking to a salesperson.

What service areas does CSBS cover?

CSBS provides guaranteed same day service support throughout Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties as the cities of Ukiah, Willits, Middletown, Lower Lake and Vallejo.

How fast is your response time when I repair service?

Our service response is between 30 minutes and 2 hours in most cases, and we guaranty a 4-hour maximum response in all cases.

How quickly can we have a copier delivered once we decide to purchase or lease?

In most cases we can deliver your copier within 1-3 business days from your decision to lease or purchase a copier.

What is the process if I want to lease a copier?

We can collect the information needed for lease approval during a 2-minute telephone conversation or a quick email exchange and have the lease contract emailed to you for signature within 4 hours. You sign and return the lease agreement via email and we can deliver your copier within 1-3 business days.

Can we upgrade to a newer copier if we’re in midst of existing lease?

There is always an option to upgrade to a comparable or higher value copier during a lease.

Does CSBS offer short term copier rentals?

Yes, CSBS provides copier rental programs for periods as short as one week or as long as customer’s need requires.

Does CSBS provide repair service on desktop printers?

Yes, CSBS provides hourly service and repair on most brands of desktop laser printers. We do not provide repair service on ink jet printers.

Does CSBS provide repair service on printers inside a private residence?

No, CSBS does not provide onsite repairs inside a private residence, but printers can be dropped off at our local Santa Rosa office for repair.

Does CSBS purchase old copiers from companies wanting to dispose of their copier?

No, CSBS does not purchase or accept old copiers that people-companies are wishing to dispose of.

Is it better to lease or purchase a copier?

The choice to purchase vs. lease a copier comes down to your individual preferences and circumstance. Download our Lease vs. Purchase guide for detailed analysis.

What happens if I no longer need my copier in the middle of a lease?

You can not cancel a lease agreement without completing the term however you can have another company “assume” the remainder of your existing lease. You can also pay off the remainder of your scheduled payments and then return the copier.

What brands of copiers do you sell or lease?

We sell and lease the full line of Konica Minolta copiers and printers.

Do you sell used copiers?

es, we offer a huge selection of Konica Minolta color copiers and printers for both lease or purchase and offer full coverage service and supply agreements for all used machines.

What happens if I buy a machine and don’t like it?

CSBS will give you a choice of an unconditional, money back guaranty or we are happy to exchange your machine to any other model of machine we carry within 30 days of purchase.

What happens if I lease a copier and no longer need it before the lease term ends?

A copier lease is non-cancellable; however, you can have another person or company assume the remainder of your existing lease agreement or you can bring the copier with you if you are moving out of the area. If you terminate the lease early, you will be responsible to make the remaining payments on the original lease term plus pay an early termination penalty.

What is the benefit of an office color copier vs. a desktop laser printer?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an office color copier compared to a desktop laser printer is that in most cases, it costs a lot less to operate the office copy system. The reason an office copier costs less to operate is because the toner is much less expensive than it is to buy the expensive cartridges used in laser printers. It is common that companies with moderate to high color print volume will pay hundreds of dollars a month just in laser printer cartridges for their desktop laser printers whereas an office color copier generally comes with a maintenance agreement including the toner and costs just 5 – 7 cents a page for color copies and approximately 1 penny a page for black prints and copies. Additionally, office color copiers generally have larger paper trays, can print on thicker paper stocks, have faster scan speeds than desktop laser printers and copiers come with maintenance agreements that include all parts, supplies and service needed to maintain the copier. In many cases we find companies will spend more on replacement toner cartridges for a lesser efficient, desktop printer than they would pay for the combined cost of a monthly lease payment that includes all service, parts and supplies for a more efficient and productive office copier.

What is the best brand of color copier?

When answering the question, what is the best brand of color copier it is important to note that there are several brands that represent equally high quality including Sharp, Konica Minolta, Canon, Ricoh, and Kyocera. Because we as consumers generally consider the “best brand” of copier to be the one that demonstrates the most consistent dependability and reliability, it is important to look at the “copier provider” in addition to the brand of copier itself. Because the copier provider is responsible for providing the service and support, they will have a huge role in the performance of any of the top copier brands and therefore, the top “copier brand” is largely influenced by what “copier provider” provides the best quality of support in your local area. It’s important to consult reviews and ask for referrals of satisfied customers in your market before choosing which brand is best for your needs in the geographical area you are in.

The best copier companies in Sonoma County?

As the founder of a local copier sales and service dealership in Sonoma County, I am often asked what companies other than my own represent the best copier companies in Sonoma County. In the interest of providing helpful information, I want to answer this question head on, to the best of my ability and from my own experience.
There are multiple copier companies in Sonoma County that provide excellent products, service and support in Sonoma County including but not limited to Scott Technologies and Kyocera Document Solutions, however, it is important to choose a company that best fits your companies’ individual preferences. Whereas most copier companies out there meet the baseline expectation of providing a quality copier, responding with a technician when service is requested, it can often be the little, sometimes overlooked things that make the difference: A friendly voice that answers your calls, not waiting on hold when you call, an accurate ETA on scheduled service visits and an experienced staff that knows you by name. There are significant differences between large, national copier companies and a locally owned business with that “extra mile” mentality. If your company has locations all over the state or country, a larger national copier company may be the best fit but if you have a single location, you may prefer the smaller locally owned business that exclusively serves your community.

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