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If you are in the healthcare industry than you know how critical it is that you can count on your copy, print, and scan system to be reliable. With all the pressure and emergencies that are inherent to the healthcare field, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your copier is working when you need it the most. At Common Sense Business Solutions, we take seriously that you count on us to make sure that your copier is consistently working and that you are never caught in a pinch when it comes to printing or scanning important patient information.

In some ways, taking care of copiers is a lot like taking care of people. The best way to address copier emergencies is to prevent them from happening in the first place. That is why we take proactive measures to identify and eliminate issues by using remote diagnostics and monitoring. By using a preventative approach, we can discover issues that could otherwise create future emergencies if not proactively addressed. Often, our diagnostic system will notify us when parts and components are on the verge of expiration, we can schedule a non-emergency, preventative visit to replace parts nearing the end of life and to make sure that your copier is in tip top condition.

5 Important Considerations when choosing a Copier for your Healthcare Office

1) Data Security

We understand how critical it is that the data you print, and scan be as secure as possible, especially in the age of HIPPA compliance as it relates the Healthcare Industry. Many Konica Minolta multifunction copying systems offer data security solutions to protect your information when printing and scanning sensitive information. Amongst the security tools offered by Konica Minolta are Bitdefender Virus Scanning, Security Watermarks, Encrypted PDFs, Password Encryption, Digital I.D. Encryption and SMTP authentication to enable security when sending emails from the copier. In order the authenticate the effectiveness of these security tools, Konica Minolta obtained the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation IEC 15408.

2) Reliability and Dependability

We understand that in a busy medical office it is important to have fast, reliable service available and that ideally, your office would prefer that your multifunction copier doesn’t require a lot of service to begin with. That’s why we perform preventative maintenance checkups to identify and remedy potential issues from happening in the first place. When it comes to ensuring that your copier is available when you need it the most, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3) Guaranteed Same Day Service Response

3) In the healthcare field, we understand that your staff has one overriding concern and that is to take care of your patients as quickly as possible. We recognize that there is no margin for error and little tolerance for delays when time sensitive information needs to be copied, printed and scanned. We know your office counts on your copier to perform during these critical times and that is why we provide preventative maintenance and guaranteed same day service response to minimize the potential of costly downtime. Our local technicians are based in our Santa Rosa office and will arrive in less than 2 hours any time there is a time sensitive service need requiring immediate attention. We ask you to have high expectations for the quality of service and support we provide, and we’ll work hard to meet and exceed those high expectations.

4) Training and Staff Support

One thing sets Common Sense Business Solutions apart from many other copier service providers is our promise to provide ongoing, complimentary staff training and support to ensure that everyone in your office is comfortable with all of the features and capabilities of your Konica Minolta MFP copier. When we first deliver your new copier, our delivery technician will provide staff training on all the features and capabilities to help your office get the most benefit from your copier with the least wasted time. Additionally, We can create shortcuts to help your staff complete frequently used print jobs at the click of a button. As an example, we will create a shortcut that compiles all the individual settings required easily print out the front and back of photo i.d. cards eliminating the guesswork and frustration of trial and error. Creating and using these shortcuts saves time and alleviates frustration, enhancing your staff’s experience with your Konica Minolta copier. In short, we use our experience to streamline and simplify all of the tasks most important to your healthcare office so you can keep your document workflow moving.

5) Personalized Communication

5) We understand how busy it can get in a medical office and the last thing you can afford is to spend half an hour on the phone waiting on hold, navigating automated telephone system prompts and getting transferred from one department to another when all you need is to submit a request to have someone come by and fix your copier. It’s bad enough when your copier is creating problems for your office, and it can add to the frustration when you must take 30 minutes or more out of your day just to schedule a copier service visit. When you contact Common Sense Business Solutions you will always talk to one of our local team members within 5 rings and that team member will either route you to someone that can immediately help you over the phone or they will quickly schedule a same day service visit to have one of our local copier technicians come by your office. We appreciate how valuable your time is and we will always be sure to get you taken care of in 5 minutes or less so you can get back to taking care of patients.

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Same Day Service Response
Our average response time is approximately 4 hours

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At Common Sense Business Solutions we recognize and appreciate the fact that we can only be as successful as the valued customers we serve. We set the bar high in asking our customers to have lofty expectations that we’ll do a great job on their behalf. We strive to be friendly, provide good communication, resolve issues promptly and make sure that the equipment we’ve provided is performing at the highest possible level. Supporting the companies that support us is what Common Sense Business Solutions is all about. If your company is looking for great copier service in Sonoma County, California then we feel Common Sense Business Solutions is a great fit for you.

They are incredibly responsive and helpful.

David Comfort

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The integrity in which they work is rarely found these days. A pleasure to work with.

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The service has been fantastic. When I need help, I receive it immediately.

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