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CSBS has helped dozens of high-end, local restaurants lower costs and decrease the turnaround time to print menus by using a color copier to produce menus in house. Restaurants have a unique set of challenges when it comes to printing due to a constantly changing and evolving array of menus that need to be updated each time a new entrée, appetizer or beverage choice is added to or deleted. Because the menus change frequently and restaurants never know how many menus they are going to use between updates, it is time consuming and cost prohibitive to outsource the printing of menus. Not only is the cost higher for each menu when outsourcing, but there is more waste because unused menus need be thrown out any time a menu is updated. The most efficient and cost-effective solution is an affordable, print on demand solution that makes it easy for restaurant staff to quickly print menus as needed. Many color copiers allow you to store menus on the hard drive of the printer enabling staff to re-print menus at the click of a button without ever having to access a computer. Might this be a cost-effective solution for you and your restaurant; read on

Many local restaurants in Sonoma County and the North Bay have added color copy machines inside their restaurants allowing them to print high-quality menus on a variety of heavy card stocks and paper sizes one at a time or in any quantity needed. By printing menus daily, the cost of paying for obsolete menus is eliminated and restaurant staff are aided by the convenience of being able to update and print menus as frequently as necessary without having to use or throw away outdated menus. One of the great features for printing menus is the ability to store the menus on the hard drive of the printer itself which allows staff to choose the menu that they wish to print, select the number of menus to be printed and press start. There is no need to find the menu on a computer and no need to have familiarity with the features used to choose the correct paper drawer or paper settings in order to achieve the desired output. Restaurants only need one person to know the intricacies of creating and printing the various menus and wine lists and once created, these menus can be saved and printed directly from the hard drive built into the printer. Staff needs only to choose the menu that they wish to print and press start. In summary;

Lower menu costs, save staff time and eliminate waste caused by obsolete menus

1) Fast and Convenient On-Demand Printing – Store menus and print settings directly on the printer’s hard drive enabling staff to print menus as needed and on demand with predictable results, no human error, no training and without the need to access a computer.

2) Save Money by Eliminating Obsolete Menus – By using an in-house color copier to print daily menus as needed, you will eliminate the costly practice of throwing away menus that become obsolete every time a menu item is changed.

3) Update Menus as Frequently as You Wish – Because you’ll no longer have to worry about throwing away pricey, pre-printed menus, you can update your menus as frequently as you choose, you will no longer be faced with choosing between continuing to use outdated menus or throwing away pricey, pre-printed menus that have become obsolete.

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