Transcript – Kevin McConnell – Law Offices of Kevin McConnell

My name is Kevin McConnell. I’m an attorney here in Santa Rosa, California. I have a personal injury and criminal defense practice.

You know like every business, you generate and send paperwork and you receive and store paperwork so it’s important to my business. We copy, we fax, we scan. What’s really important is to do that sort of seamlessly and effortlessly. Everybody can copy or scan or work with paper. I have so much going on that I don’t have time to think about that process. I’m busy handling my legal cases and I’m lucky to have a really great copier and service that makes that something I don’t think about. I don’t lay awake at night thinking about it. And I don’t have to worry about it during the day either.

I started this particular practice a few years ago and initially I was working with off-the-shelf printers and copiers. There came a point when my practice was growing and it became even more important to have a professional quality machine and professional quality service backing me up. So I made the jump and decided I was going to work with a local business like Common Sense Business Solutions. I spoke to Ross WIffler. I was extremely impressed with their customer care. I made the decision to go with them. They came and installed a machine for me and from that day it has been awesome. I can’t tell you how good it’s been. The machine works flawlessly.

On the rare occasion when there’s something that needs an adjustment or if it needs a change of a filter or if it needs a new cartridge, I get on the phone, I call Ross or Rita and literally that day it gets done. It’s very rare that it goes over to the next day. So I cannot think of a time since I started working with Ross WIffler and Common Sense Business Solutions when I was without copying services for more than a few minutes, quite frankly.

Let me tell you what went into my consideration. It was very important to me because I am a small businessman locally here in Santa Rosa. I try to do business with and spend my money on local businesses as opposed to big box stores and out-of-town companies. Ross and Common Sense Business is a local business serving the local business community. That was an important factor in choosing them.

Having made that choice, I was extremely impressed with the quality of their customer care and service. It’s now been several years that I’ve been with Common Sense Business Solutions and, again, I have nothing but good things to say about them. It’s unlikely that I would ever do business with anybody else.

Would I recommend Ross Wiffler and Common Sense Business services? I absolutely would recommend them. Again, they have provided a great quality machine, great quality service at a really reasonable price – something that works for me as a small businessman. So not only would I recommend them, I have recommended them to several of my colleagues and other small business people here in the Santa Rosa area.