Extra features can make any piece of technology more exciting, but it’s also important to get exactly what you need. Businesses enjoy using a multi function printer the most when they have all the right features without so many bells and whistles that employees get overwhelmed by the options.

Think about how you use your printer, scanner, copier, fax machine, and other equipment that might all be replaced by one state-of-the-art multi function printer. Now think about any times you outsource printing to a copy shop (glossy photos, booklets, annual reports, etc.). With a list of everything you need and any functions you’d like in the future, you’re ready to find the best multi function printer.

Copying and Scanning

Multi Function Printer Do you typically scan a few pages at a time, or do you need to copy large documents like quarterly reports and product catalogs? A multi function printer might be able to scan 50 pages at a time, or perhaps 300 or more. Ditch the flatbed scanner or old copy/fax machine and upgrade to a multi function printer that lets you feed the stack and walk away!

Staple and Hole-Punch Features

A lightning-fast printer doesn’t make much of a difference when an employee has to spend hours collating, stapling, and hole-punching. Make packets and prepare your presentation binders in a breeze with a multi function printer that has offset staple and two- or three-hole punch functions.

Booklet Making

What if you didn’t have to make a trip to the print shop to get high-quality pamphlets and booklets made? With a booklet finishing mode on your multi function printer,

OCR and PDF Enhancements

Nothing is more frustrating than having to pore over a large PDF because the text isn’t searchable. Konica Minolta makes multi function printer and scanner combos with optical character recognition  (OCR) software onboard.

You can save to PDF/A or encrypted PDF, too. With just a few clicks, your documents are searchable, ready to be pasted into Word or HTML, and preserved securely.

Biometrics or ID Card Reader

In shared offices or larger buildings, you might want to save your paper and ink by adding a security feature. A fingerprint scanner or ID card reader is highly recommended if you might be copying or scanning sensitive information or are worried about data loss.

Copier Repair

Printer and Fax Machine

You probably only need to send a fax occasionally, so why take up space with a separate fax machine? A multi function printer makes life simpler, especially with a display that walks employees through the steps of sending a fax.

Choosing a Fast, Smart Multi Function Printer

We help our fellow local businesses in the Santa Rosa area find the best technology for their needs. From “nice-to-have” to “must-have” features of your multi function printer, there’s an ideal product from Konica Minolta and we’ll make sure you get it for the right price.

Let’s find out which multi function printer has the best features to speed up and simplify your business. Contact us at Common Sense Business Solutions for more info to discuss your options for buying or leasing a copier.