All-in-one or multi-function printers have a number of key advantages over standalone printers, faxes, and copiers that you need to know about.

Although there’s still a divide between small business owners who use laser printers for volume and inkjet printers for amazingly vibrant prints, there’s no debating the space-saving utility of an all-in-one printer for your small business.

What Can a Desktop Copier Do?

You want an all-in-one printer with 21st-century features like network scanning and something that can print more than 30 pages per minute.

For small business owners it probably also makes sense to have a desktop copier or multi-function printer that can do stapling and make 2- or 3-hole punches so that you can get brochures and booklets out to your customers more easily.

The fact is that multi-function printers are giving small business owners what they need to grow their business…without growing their budget out of whack or taking up too much space in the office.

An all-in-one printer or three-in-one desktop copier (copier, printer, and scanner) could be a real blessing if you’re a small business owner or work-from-home freelancer looking to get utility without the cost.

Make Updates and Maintenance Simpler

Not only is there more stuff compressed into a tiny box: With a multi-function printer or desktop copier you’re getting a device that’s simpler to maintain, troubleshoot, and operate than most standalone devices.

In terms of monthly maintenance, consider that with an all-in-one printer or desktop copier you’ll only have to download the one driver update. If you had standalone machines you’d be taking up a lot more space, spending more cash, and you’d probably having to download different driver updates for each device.

Doing all that could be difficult to keep straight and prove to be a lot of additional legwork that your time-strapped small business staff probably doesn’t need. A multi-function desktop copier is a versatile machine that’s designed to be easy to use right out of the box.

Copier Repair

More Efficient Presentations and Mailings

A desktop copier or multi-function printer is really seen as a copier that can print rather than vice versa. Many small business owners find that after getting a desktop copier their mailings and presentations can be put together much more quickly.

Part of that efficiency comes from the fact that having all of these functions consolidated in one compact device makes things easier. There are additional features inherent to multi-function printers, though, that explain some of the time-saving advantages in putting together mailings, brochures, and presentations more efficiently.

With a Konica Minolta multi-function printer you get automated duplex (double-sided) printing as well as hole-punch, stapling, and booklet folding features that make putting together brochures much more cost-efficient for your business.

When you’re putting together all of this you’ll also be saving money in that you can use the same cartridges or ink tanks for different purposes. A desktop copier lets you use the same cartridge to make prints, scans, and copies so that you don’t have to juggle a bunch of brands or keep different drivers and software compatible with each other.

That’s an advantage to any small business owner looking to save money, save space, save time on updates, and make his or her office that much more efficient. Plus, you’ll be much more kind to the environment by using a desktop copier since a more compact, efficient device has less disposable material.

When it comes to saving time and money, a desktop copier is definitely something to consider for your business. For creating presentations or mailings under cost, these compact devices really can’t be beat.