While shopping around for a new multifunction printer for business use, you hear a lot of different terminology (or, let’s be honest, jargon). Some products are called an all-in-one printer, but what does the “all” mean? And do you need a multifunction printer? Plenty of office managers would be happy if they could rely on a printer for just one function, let only many.

Multifunction PrinterLet’s go ahead and run down some of the most common and popular tasks that a good multifunction printer such as a Konica Minolta Bizhub can do:

  • Print
  • Copy
  • Scan
  • Fax
  • Staple
  • Make booklets
  • Two-sided printing
  • Hole punching

Not all models can do everything, but there’s definitely a multifunction printer out there that can do everything you need it to. Buy or lease the right printer for your business, and you may never have to go to the copy shop again.

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Are Multifunction Printers Worth It?

Do you hesitate to print something in your office because of poor quality, frustration with the equipment, or the amount of work that goes into folding, stapling, or binding the paper? Does someone from your office make a trip to the copy center more often than a blue moon?

Yes, emphatically, the best multifunction printers are worth it for any small business. Even if you mostly print in black-and-white for personal record keeping, you could be growing your business efficiently with the capabilities of a multifunction printer.

  • Print better in-house marketing materials. Flyers for upcoming events, daily menus at a restaurant, materials you can give new clients to take home. If you’re only getting professional printing done for the most important marketing efforts, you’re short-changing yourself. Make a better impression during every marketing push with a better multifunction printer.
  • Consolidate your electronics. Employees are never going to learn four different machines. Your office manager should not have to consult a user manual for every question. Do more with one device and you’ll be confused less often.
  • Save employees’ time. When you can feed a stack of 100 pages into a copier and walk away, you might save an hour or more of labor compared to scanning them one at a time. A multifunction printer brings that kind of efficiency to several tasks.
  • Print with high-quality paper or card stock. Simple laser printers can be easy and efficient for printing black-and-white hard copies. Your mailers, flyers, brochures, and other materials deserve heavier stock that a multifunction printer can handle.

Find the Best Multifunction Printer in Santa Rosa

To get the most out of your investment in a business copier, talk to an expert who can cut through the jargon. We can help you find a multifunction printer you can and will use.

Common Sense Business Solutions has a longstanding presence in Santa Rosa, and we love to help our fellow local businesses succeed. Contact us to ask a question or describe what you’re looking for, or fill out our self-guided copier selection questionnaire to choose the right multifunction printer.