Modern color copiers can do things that you might not have even known were possible. For starters, you can improve the quality and “wow” factor of your documents while keeping your data more secure and gaining more mobile functionality.

What a Color Copier can Really Do

Double-sided and Full-bleed Prints

Color Copier Double-sided duplex printing is just the beginning. You can get a modern color copier from Konica Minolta that can allow you to do full-bleed printing on every inch of the page and print directly from mobile devices.

Full-bleed prints really are perfect for marketing runs or brochures. When you look inside a magazine that’s all you see – full-bleed prints with little or no margin make images look really snappy.

You can capture that same effect and put it to work in your marketing campaigns with a color copier. That makes outreach to your customers more effective and your business come off as much more professional.

Full-bleed prints with vibrant colors make an impactful addition to any print marketing campaign, but sometimes you actually want to make the scan and save paper.

Scan to multiple locations

When that’s the case know that a modern color copier will let you scan directly to secure storage in the cloud or scan to email. For referencing documents or scanning documents so that you can email them around to your entire office, that’s a great feature.

A color copier from Konica Minolta can even allow you to pre-set destinations for your scanned documents. If you want, say, all of your scanned documents for the next week to go to your email, then you can do that. You can also pre-set all (or just some) of your scanned documents to the cloud so that the data stays safe and secure. Dropbox is another popular destination for pre-set scans that you can take advantage of.

One really useful feature that a lot of businesses like is the ability to save paper and send faxed documents over to email directly. It’s sometimes unnecessary to get the faxed document, print it, scan it, then upload it to your email. Instead, consider using a Konica Minolta color printer to do all that work and conserve the paper.

A modern-day color copier can let you send all of your received faxes to your email without the need to print and scan everything. Sometimes you want a hard copy, but for those times when you just want the data a color copier is a great tool to make your business more efficient.

Copier Repair

Improve your document’s data security

With the ability to upload scanned documents to the cloud or make prints from a mobile device you might be thinking that a color copier doesn’t take your data security seriously enough.

Fortunately, with a 21st-century color copier from Konica Minolta you can restrict usage to critical documents and entire workflows in a way that improves the overall data security of your clients’ and customers’ data.

One way to do that is with unique PIN (personal identification number) code that will ensure that only employees who have access can upload and view scanned documents. Proximity cards are another useful way to ensure data integrity.

Save more money with energy-efficient features

The fact is that you’re probably not using your printer around the clock. For those times when you’re not scanning, printing, or receiving faxes you might consider switching on energy-efficient modes that temporarily put your printer to sleep during downtimes.

A color copier from Konica Minolta can also let you track your prints and document output over time to determine whether you’re making the best use of your printer: Savings today and tomorrow!