Transcript: Konica Minolta BizHub for Bookkeepers – Copiers Santa Rosa CA

My name’s Deb Prolo and I’m the President and CEO of Accountable Solutions. We do bookkeeping for small businesses around Sonoma County and beyond.

Working with Common Sense Business Solutions is probably one of the best decisions we made. Ross was great on the onset with getting the copier in place and all the sales aspect of it. But when it really gets down to it, it’s about the service. And all in all it’s a 100% service based business and they’re great.

Rita is amazing to work with. She always walks in with a smile and she’s very efficient and gets the problem solved immediately even if it’s something stupid that we did.

Maintenance and customer support has been great. I mean, you call and they’re generally here within minutes or with the day or so. And if they can’t then they let you know. And that to me, the follow through on that after the sale, is the most important part of the reputation of the business.

They should choose them over the competition because it’s common sense. They really make everything as easy as they can, and they work with you through acquisition and through service. It’s a great company to work for. It always has service with a smile.

I’d absolutely recommend them and I do to all my clients. I actually have a client right now that’s going to be getting in contact with Ross.