Choosing what you do with your used, non-perishable ink cartridges can easily help you create and sustain the reputation in your industry (and community) as being a green business. By purposefully and thoughtfully discarding your printer’s used cartridges, you’ll be minimizing the carbon footprint your business leaves on the planet, saving money, and establishing yourself as a business owner who is aware of your environment and the impact your choices make on it. Here are some solutions for your used ink cartridges:

4-Things-To-Do-With-Your-Used-Ink-Cartridges-common-sense-business-solutions-CARefill and reuse your used ink cartridges

You’ll lower your business operating costs by making the commitment to purchase and use only factory remanufactured printer cartridges at your business. By using the same casing and simply having the ink refilled, you’ll be reducing the number of physical cartridges being manufactured for the first time, as well as minimizing the shelf space new cartridges require at both warehouses and at your business location. Most of the factories that off remanufacturing of used cartridges produce the same quality of ink cartridges as brand new ones. They are able to accomplish this environmentally-friendly feat by adhering to the same standards as original cartridges. In fact, today’s top-notch ISO 9001/14001-compliant cartridge remanufacturing factories use the same testing procedures that are performed at plants that manufacture new cartridges. Moreover, by reusing your ink cartridges, you can expect to be offered an exceptional warranty and pay as much as 60% less than what new cartridges cost.

Recycle your used ink cartridges

Today, nearly all of the materials used to create printer cartridges can be recycled. By donating, returning, or selling your used ink cartridges to your local copier company or community, you can sleep well at night knowing your company’s used ink cartridges won’t end up in a landfill with all the other 1 billion used cartridges currently being dumped in landfills each year. Some office equipment and supply companies make it super easy for you to get into the habit of recycling your used ink cartridges by creating websites that include a one-step process (downloading a free shipping label) to adhere to your package of used ink cartridges and have them shipped to a recycling destination.

Return your used ink cartridges

Another easy and hassle-free way to discard your used cartridges is to simply return them to the original manufacturer or the office equipment and supplies company where you purchased them. By contacting them to take the cartridge off your hands (and shelf space), they’ll know what to do with them. You might get compensated in money, savings, or discounts for returning them to the company where you purchased your copier. At the very least, you’ll get satisfaction from being environmentally-friendly.

Donate your used ink cartridges

Since some companies will reimburse you in money, products, services, or coupons for used ink cartridges. consider donating your used cartridges to local charities or community projects so that they can reap the benefits of recycling or reusing the cartridge. If you choose this option, be sure to call ahead to confirm with a key decision-maker at the charity or department where and when to drop off the cartridges.

These days, most of your business equipment and supplies can be easily recycled, returned, reused, or repurposed ~ your ink cartridges included. While there are plenty of options for what to do with used ink cartridges, there are two simple things not to do with your used ink cartridges:

  • Toss them into your regular trash bin (to just end up in a landfill).
  • Let them collect dust on your shelf (prime space that can be used for something else).

Contact us for more information on the recycling process.  Play your part by engaging in activities that are environmentally friendly.