If you’re in the market for a multi-function, high-quality copier for your small business, you may want to consider a copier lease agreement instead of buying one outright.

Benefits of a Copier Lease

Copier LeaseThere are several advantages to secure a copier lease instead of a purchase agreement for your local business.

  • While a copier lease still requires a commitment of a monthly payment like a copier loan purchase agreement would, your payments would be considerably lower each month. Similar to leasing a vehicle instead of buying one, the monthly payments on a copier lease are much more affordable than what they would be if you went to a traditional finance institution to get a loan for a capital equipment investment.
  • Second, at the end of the copier lease agreement, you are free to upgrade to the latest model of copier on the market. When you opt to purchase a printer, the last thing you are most likely to do once the last payment has been made is get another brand new copier to purchase. The problem is, however, that if it took you 36 to 48 months to pay off the purchase loan, by that time there are surely more features and improvements to components on the newer copiers on the market that your paid-for printer just doesn’t have. When you secure a copier lease, however, you can then instantly get another copier lease for the latest copier on the market the same day your first lease agreement ends.
  • Third, a copier lease releases you from the stress and hassle of having to worry about what to do with the copier if you don’t want it anymore or you want to replace it with a newer model.  If you own the copier, you’ll either have to advertise that it is for sale and then deal with taking the time to meet with the different potential buyers or you’ll have to call around to figure out how to dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly way. When you lease a copier, those decisions are never a concern. Your local Konica Minolta dealer will simply pick up your copier at your location and take care of its disposal for you.
  • Fourth, you will always have the latest, greatest, best copier at your business.  You might discover that within months of using your printer, you’d like it to be able to collate and staple papers; or, perhaps you want different-sized paper trays to meet your unique printing needs. You can easily order what you need and eliminate what you don’t need when it’s time to lease your next printer. If you purchased a black and white copier, for example, you’ll have to buy or lease a second printer if you’ve discovered that you need color!

Copier Repair

Benefits of a local copier lease

Working with your local Konica Minolta dealer has lots of benefits, too, just like leasing over buying a copier does.

  • Should you have a paper jam you can’t clear on your printer, or if you run out of ink, or need another brief tutorial on how to use one of the many features on today’s top-of-the-line printers, no problem! You simply call your local copier dealer and Voila! – your challenge is solved!  If you lease (or purchase) your copier from a regional or national dealer, however, you might be waiting days or longer for your service order to be filled – losing valuable time to run your company’s particular printing projects.
  • Perhaps most importantly, a copier lease that is with your local dealer helps to sustain your community and generate funding for your neighborhood.