No matter what size your business is and what you may need, Konica Minolta can meet all your copier and printer requirements. Here is some information about three different companies. Read more to determine which business most closely aligns with your own to be more informed on what machine would work for you.

Small Business – 0 to 100 employees

Two Office Women Looking at Computer ScreenBob’s company is a commercial lawn mowing/snow blowing business with equipment repair. They service primarily small engines and do not require many color copies for their business. The schematics they work with are primarily in black and white. Also, 70% of their employees are working out in the field. That leaves 10 employees to utilize office equipment. They occasionally need to fax over their contracts to prospective customers. Philip orders all equipment and supplies for the company. The office is very small with little space available for a large machine. They also scan documents and email them over to customers.

Philip monitors the paper usage and functions needed in the office to determine which tool best supports their business. Bob’s company is looking to expand their revenue and product line while seeking various certifications such as ISO 15408, IEEE 2600.1 and FIPS 140-2 standards. Philip’s company is small now but they plan on expanding over the next three years.

After studying the Bizhub 364 fact sheet at the Konica Minolta website, Philip chooses to go with the C284e model. It provides the following features:

produces up to 22 ppm

takes up little space

provides fast print speeds and high quality images to small businesses

provides B&W and color copies

fax capability

scans documents and emails to customers

provides confidentiality capabilities

supports compliance of ISO 15408, IEEE 2600.1 and FIPS 140-2 standards

fast print speeds and high quality images

He contacts Common Sense Business Solutions to look at their pre-owned copiers. Since Bob’s company is a small business, they want to know that the support from Common Sense Business Solutions will be reliable. 

Copier Repair

Medium Business – 101-999 employees

Janie works for a manufacturing company that produces medical equipment. They have 550 employees with about 125 working in a traditional office environment. In addition to a traditional workplace, some employees work from home and some while on the road. They need a machine that can handle a higher volume of about 45-55 color ppm. The employees work on many team projects and need to be able to share information with others in a timely manner. Various departments such as sales, manufacturing, marketing, planning and shipping all share plans and progress on work production.

Janie’s company needs to be able to produce B&W and/or color reports, presentations, case files, newsletters, records and marketing or training materials in a way that saves time and money. The ability to develop contracts and meet customer’s needs quickly gives the company a competitive edge. Security of all correspondence and materials is necessary to comply with HIPAA. The company believes in leaving a small carbon print.

Mary studies the C554e data sheet at the Konica Minolta website and chooses to go with the C554e model. It provides the following features:

up to 45 color ppm

high speed & high volume print/copy/scan solution

duplicate double-sided jobs thus saving on paper use

delivers professional case files, newsletter and presentations

utilizes PageScope Mobile APP which allows employees to print or scan documents on the go from multiple mobile platforms allows use of USB port

secures sensitive material

She reads the information provided on the Common Sense Business Solutions maintenance page to know what to monitor and detect after purchasing this product.

Large Business – 1000 and more employees

Monique is the office manager for a large advertising firm. They have 1,300 employees. Part of her responsibilities is to monitor the efficiency level and the amount of waste that is produced within the company. Developing print ads and presentations for their clients is a priority. They need equipment that can handle large volumes of high-quality product. Some of their work is in both B&W and color format. Their clients prefer to see color products in the advertising material developed and presented. Monique is looking for a machine that can provide speed and workflow efficiency. Employees benefit from printing and scanning documents on networked devices. The Sales force needs to be able to make changes on their hand-held devices such as iPads, iPhones, etc. in the moment and forward them on quickly to the company. This field is highly competitive so reliability is a must.

Based out of Los Angeles, the company feels strongly about Going Green. Minolta’s Clean Planet program and free recycling for all their consumables, including toner cartridges and bottles, imaging units, developer and drums – with prepaid shipping labels and cost-free packaging are a great way to support their mission.

Monique reads the data sheet for the C754e copier at the Konica Minolta website and chooses to go with this model. It provides the following features:

produces up to 75 ppm

large volume and high speed print

it can provide B&W and color copies

links with hand-help devices

free recycling of consumables

monitors waste of paper and toner cartridge usage

Monique also reads the information provided at Common Sense Business Solutions website about maintenance to know what to monitor and detect after purchasing this product.