Wireless printers do a lot more than just reduce the tangle of wires in an office. With so much of our work taking place on the go and in the cloud, your productivity should not grind to a halt whenever you need to print out a photo or document. More than ever, businesses are finding the security and flexibility they need in the latest wireless printers.

Wireless Printers Although many printers have supported Wi-Fi printing for years now, businesses should look for up-to-date technology that supports all kinds of devices. We recommend wireless printers that are:

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Easy to set up and add users
  • Secured by rigorous authentication
  • Not dependent on every user downloading a new driver or app

Some wireless printers require one particular app. This takes away from the convenience of mobile printing in a BYOD office and often wastes a lot of time whenever a new user or new device must be set up.

Wireless printers from Konica Minolta allow for simple wireless LAN printing and are also compatible with AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and PageScope. Whether you’re printing from the latest iPad or an old BlackBerry you don’t want to give up, you don’t have to jump through hoops to print wirelessly.

Wireless Printing for Phones and Tablets

Tired of emailing documents to yourself and losing precious minutes every time you need a hard copy? New wireless printers work with smartphones and tablets using apps you probably already have.

In retail and restaurants where employees use tablets as a point-of-sale device, wireless printers come in handy. When you check your email on your phone, you can print in a few swipes rather than heading back to your desk.

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Security for Wireless Printers

For wired network printing, many businesses have been turning to strict authentication using biometric fingerprint scanners, employee ID cards, or at least password protection. Wireless printers should not be less secure, especially if you deal with any personal financial data or confidential documents.

Key security features to look for in wireless printers:

  • Easy, secure device pairing with Mobile Touch or Bluetooth
  • Encrypted cloud storage when saving or scanning to cloud
  • PDF password protection for scanned documents
  • Password, card, or biometric authentication at the printer so sensitive docs do not print until you are physically at the machine
  • Data reports to identify unauthorized printing, excessive printing, unnecessary color printing for B&W documents, and more

Get Connected with Wireless Printers in Santa Rosa

Wireless printing brings your business up to speed with flexibility and speed. You can place the printer anywhere you want within Wi-Fi range and avoid costly wiring installations. Your team can print from any mobile device or computer without requiring assistance from IT or the office manager.

We help small businesses in the Santa Rosa area find wireless printers including multifunction or all-in-one copiers and scanners. Contact us today to find the perfect solution for mobile and cloud printing.