Copier Service is  an activity that should be carried out with due care and attention.  Most companies have found that regardless of which brand or model business copier machine they use, that the most critical factor relating to efficiency of the copier, is the quality of service provided by their copier repair provider. There are many factors that contribute to the successful implementation of the total quality management plan (TQM) by the copier service company. These factors include whether they are a trained, authorized provider for the brand of equipment they are servicing, and also whether they are using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts and supplies. Let’s examine why these factors are so important as they relate to quality copier repair.

Authorized-Service-Providers-OEM-parts-and-Supplies-Common-sense-business-solutions-CACopier Service Dealers Have Access to Factory Training

Ultimately the quality of the copier repair that you receive will be largely determined by the service technician’s ability to quickly and concisely diagnose and remedy a given issue. Business copier machines have become more and more complicated and beware of a company that claims to provide service on a bevy of different brands. Each individual brand is unique and employs its own set of error codes, firmware and software, and operating processes. In order to provide the expert level of copier repair that is critical to maintaining peak product efficiency, a service technician requires hundreds of hours of technical and field training on each model. in order to effectively master all support requirements.

Authorized Dealers Have Access to Factory Technical Support

Sometimes, even a factory trained service technician will run into an issue that is unknown based on their personal experience. It can be critical that the technician has access to factory authorized technical support to quickly and accurately diagnose an issue to effectively remedy a copier repair. In the event that you are working with a company that is not authorized and trained on the copier model that you have, then there is potential for a longer and more extended downtime.

Authorized Dealers Have Access to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts and Supplies

In the event that your copier repair company is not authorized to support your brand and model of copier, they may be forced to rely on aftermarket parts and supplies. Even when you are working with an authorized copier repair company you will want to ask for assurances that only OEM parts and supplies are being used to support and repair your copier. After-market parts and supplies are less expensive than OEM parts and supplies which can help copier service companies add profit to their bottom line. You don’t want their added profit to come at the expense of your copier’s reliability and longevity. No matter how you examine things, OEM parts and supplies are always the best choice for every brand and model of copier. Aftermarket parts can result in greater failure rates, voiding of warranties and shorter periods of time between repairs.

Whereas it is clear why some companies use aftermarket parts and perform service on machines for which they are not authorized to repair. We encourage you as the consumer to carefully consider whether you are willing to sacrifice the performance of your business copier machine in order to facilitate added profitability to the company that provides the copier repairs. The writer of this blog strongly advises that you only use an authorized service provider that uses only OEM parts and supplies.  Contact us for more information on copier service.