Consolidating from a collection of smaller, desktop office equipment into a single, commercial level MFP


In February 2011 Common Sense Business Solutions met with SenarioTek, LLC to discuss upgrade solutions for their current copy, print and fax equipment. SenarioTek is a large Hi Tech company that employed several dozen employees in their Santa Rosa facility. At the time of this meeting SenarioTek was using a collection of various desktop printers, desktop copiers and fax machines. Up until this point in time SenarioTek was of the understanding that the costs would be prohibitive to look at larger commercial, multifunction copy-print-scan-fax copiers and we’re unaware of the added efficiencies made available by these larger commercial copiers.


Copiers-KonicaMinolta-Bizhub-C353Upon completing a physical site survey and taking inventory of the current mix of printers, copiers and faxes being employed, Common Sense Business Solutions was able to offer a solution to increase the efficiency of SenarioTek’s administrative copying, printing and faxing in addition to providing a company wide scanning solution allowing SenarioTek’s employees to scan their written and printed information to their computers and server which increased their collaborative capabilities.

Additional Benefits

Furthermore by providing an efficient Konica Minolta Bizhub Color System Copier, SenarioTek was able to begin printing much of their marketing material in house rather than outsourcing it for commercial printing. Not only did this practice lower the cost of the marketing materials but it provided flexibility to produce media on the fly and in lower volumes helping to virtually eliminate the waste from having to replace outdated, pre-printed marketing pieces.


Common Sense Business Solutions helped SenarioTek to replace several desktop printing, copying and fax devices with a single Konica Minolta Bizhub C353 copier which improved their performance in all areas of document management. Not only were they able to increase the speed and output when copying, printing and faxing but the addition of scanning offered a huge boost in the ability to archive and share written documents. SenarioTek were able to both lower the cost of their printed marketing materials and increase the speed in which they were able to create these materials.

The added incentive is that SenarioTek now pays less for their Konica Minolta Bizhub system than they previously paid to replace the print cartridges in the various desktop printing and copying devices they used.


CSBS received the following testimonial from SenarioTek’s COO Katy Aho:

With the reduction in ink and print cost and the time saved because the machine is so fast and reliable we have a good cost savings each month. We had hoped to break even but we are actually saving money. We use it for copying, faxing and copying hand written documents to the server. Everything works just as promised and all of our questions have been answered quickly and thoroughly. Thanks again for your excellent service and for providing just as promised – maybe even better.”