We live in a world with high demands and our cost saving and eco-friendly copiers helps you cope. Each generation of a multifunctional copier is required to offer a higher quality of printing, reduced costs of operation and a reduction of negative impact on the environment. Many copier machine manufacturers have taken huge strides towards achieving these goals. Konica Minolta is one of the leading manufacturers of copier machines and they have also been a leader in changing the way the industry works. Listed below are some of the breakthroughs pioneered by Konica Minolta copier machines.

LCD Display Multifunctional Copier

  1. The current generation of Konica Minolta copiers use a patent Simitri HD toner that utilizes a biomass plant based material to produce the toner. The Simitri toner fuses to paper at lower temperatures reducing the consumption of power. The current Konica Minolta copiermachine has one of the lowest power consumption capabilities in the copier industry. This by far surpasses the standards required for the Energy Star certification. New features include the Optimized Power Consumption feature that automatically programs low power and automatic shut off modes for workdays, weekends and holidays. Not only is reduced energy consumption good for our environment, it also reduces the operational costs of the copier the patented Simitri HD toner not only reduces power, it also creates the highest possible image quality available with a dry toner process.
  2. In order to monitor the environmental impact of your machines, we have placed inthe control panel of the copier machine, an Eco indicator display screen that monitors paper, toner and power usage by each individual machine or individual user. Furthermore, Konica Minolta copier machines provide a Print Preview Driver allowing you to view documents before printing which eliminates the need to print, check and reprint originals. This print preview saves time, energy, paper and service costs.
  3. Konica Minolta copiermachines are among the industry leaders in the extensive use of recycled materials in construction, giving these machines the smallest possible environmental footprint. In addition, Konica Minolta uses all curbside recyclable toner cartridges for their copier The toner is provided in the smallest possible cardboard box with absolutely no packaging materials and the toner bottle is recyclable at curbside when empty.

Being environmentally friendly is everyone’s responsibility. Konica Minolta initiated a Clean Planet program to promote cost free recycling of all copier machine consumables including toner cartridges, image units, drum units and developer units. Konica Minolta provides free shipping labels and packaging for used consumables that are returning for proper recycling. Konica Minolta’s Eco Vision directive strives to reduce C02 emissions by 80% by year 2050. Contact us if your organization shares the desire to lessen the impact on the environment. These initiatives
may serve as an incentive to consider an environmentally responsible copier machine manufacturer.