There is no business like YOUR business. 

While there may be others in your industry, in your field, even in your hometown, their business is not the same as your business. It is as unique as your fingerprints.

So, the myth of the one-size-fits-all product line that is commonly used everywhere from clothing manufacturers to technology retailers is ultimately a disservice to the consumer. 

You are unique, and cookie-cutter solutions do not offer enough choice. 

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There are not enough companies that recognize that having a diverse and comprehensive product line gives customers the opportunity to find goods and services that more closely match their needs when searching for the product in the first place.

Nowhere is this issue more costly to the consumer than in the office multifunction digital printer and copier industry. Fortunately, this industry is one that offers a dizzying array of models, sizes, and features.


What Should I Look For in a Digital Copier?

Almost every manufacturer offers this: 

    • Machines that make copies, 
    • Machines that scan pages, (which is essentially copying but saving to file instead of sending to print, whether directly emailed, or written to USB drive or other location) 
    • Act as a fax machine, 
    • Join your network so it can be used as a printer by anyone in the network.

However, not every machine in a company’s fleet is capable of every function.Your business may not need all of those available functions like 

    • Printing from smartphones, 
    • Reading non-standard payment cards, 
    • Warning you when consumables are running low

If you acquire a machine that is too big, you run the risk of employees being confused by the many options, perhaps not using the machine correctly, wasting consumables, or costing you more than it is worth.

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Digital Copiers: The Myth of One Size Fits All

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