There is no business like YOUR business. 

While there may be others in your industry, in your field, even in your hometown, their business is not the same as your business. It is as unique as your fingerprints.

So, the myth of the one-size-fits-all product line that is commonly used everywhere from clothing manufacturers to technology retailers is ultimately a disservice to the consumer. 

You are unique, and cookie-cutter solutions do not offer enough choice. 

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There are not enough companies that recognize that having a diverse and comprehensive product line gives customers the opportunity to find goods and services that more closely match their needs when searching for the product in the first place.

Nowhere is this issue more costly to the consumer than in the office multifunction digital printer and copier industry. Fortunately, this industry is one that offers a dizzying array of models, sizes, and features.


What Should I Look For in a Digital Copier?

Almost every manufacturer offers this: 

    • Machines that make copies, 
    • Machines that scan pages, (which is essentially copying but saving to file instead of sending to print, whether directly emailed, or written to USB drive or other location) 
    • Act as a fax machine, 
    • Join your network so it can be used as a printer by anyone in the network.

However, not every machine in a company’s fleet is capable of every function.Your business may not need all of those available functions like 

    • Printing from smartphones, 
    • Reading non-standard payment cards, 
    • Warning you when consumables are running low

If you acquire a machine that is too big, you run the risk of employees being confused by the many options, perhaps not using the machine correctly, wasting consumables, or costing you more than it is worth.

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Options for Buying or Leasing Digital Copiers

Digital Copiers: The Myth of One Size Fits All

Leasing or buying a digital printer too small means that it may not be able to handle the amount of work you need from it. It may also fail mechanically due to workload, or you might have to adjust your workflows to suit the machine, instead of adjusting the machine to your workflow. All of which can cost you real money.

If you have already made the decision to lease an MFP instead of buying, you already know that you will be saving on consumables, maintenance & repair, as well as tracking usage. 

Do you sink that extra cash into getting the next highest level of machine, assuming you will “grow into it?” Or do you lease smaller units in multiples, to accommodate the current trend towards a more dispersed workforce?

Fortunately, you have options. A lot of options.


Option 1: Color or Black & White?

One of the first choices you will decide on is whether your company needs a color multifunction printer or black and white. Color copiers require four toners, while a B&W device requires only one, meaning a lower cost per print.

Option 2: Print Speed

Next, determine your required print speed

Estimate the size of your print jobs divided by the per page speed of the copier or digital printer to determine the digital copier that best suits your needs. Multifunction copiers range in speeds anywhere from twenty prints a minute to over a hundred. 

Keep in mind that when looking at a copier’s print speed, it is a measure of single-sided, black and white, letter-size sheets. Larger paper, duplex printing, color printing, imposed print files, all add time to the print cycle and will determine your final print speed.

Option 3: Paper Size

Paper size and type are very important considerations when comparing digital copiers. 

While they all handle standard American letter sizes (and the European equivalents) larger sizes such as tabloid (11×17) may not be accommodated by the paper drawers and may require the use of the bypass tray. 

Keep in mind that if you want your print to run off the edge of your final product (bleed) you will have to print on larger stock and trim off the excess, (12×18) for example.

Option 4: Paper Weight

Paper weight is another important consideration. 

On almost all packaging for reams of paper (with the exception of those branded by W.B. Mason) the paper weight is clearly stated on the label. 

Offset printing described paper in pound weight by 500 sheets of uncut paper weighs 20 pounds, therefore it was described as 20-pound paper. The tighter parameters required for digital printing means that paper for copiers and digital printers is weighed in grams per square meter (GSM). 

Often both measurements will be displayed.

The heavier the paper is, the less likely it will be able to easily follow the paper path, and the more likely it will be to jam. 

Often, heavier weights and card stocks exclusively use the bypass tray, which usually provides a straight line across the print path.

Option 5: Onboard Memory

Another important consideration in your choice of copiers is the amount of onboard memory. 

The processing power of the digital printer determines the size and complexity of the file(s) the machine can handle, as well as directly affecting the output speed. 

Within each size tier of the manufacturer are models that come standard with additional memory.

Option 6: Finishing Options & Accessories

Lastly, consider what finishing options or accessories will be necessary for your business. 

This includes:

    • Sorters 
    • Stackers
    • Additional paper feed trays
    • Staplers 
    • Folders 
    • Payment card scanners 
    • Access control panels 
    • External access to the Internet 

Other options are available, but not for every size and model.


Support From Knowledgeable Account Representatives at CSBS

It may seem overwhelming to compare and contrast the many different sizes of digital copiers, as well as different manufacturers, or different leasing options. 

Having a knowledgeable account representative who can help you determine the specific requirements of your unique business is a value that goes far beyond mere speeds and feeds. It can help determine exactly which make and model of digital copier or multifunction printer you ultimately choose. 

Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions, pose what-if scenarios, and ask for specific details on any of the aspects of your choice. Contact Common Sense Business Solutions to get support or buy or lease your next digital copier. We specialize in one of the top printers in the industry – Konica Minolta. We can deliver your printer to your front door.

There is no one size that fits all. 

Thanks to the wide array of sizes, technologies, and configurations currently available, there is absolutely one that is simply perfect for your business.

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