One of the most important things that a company deals with is paperwork. Whether you are needing to print documents, scan documents, or make copies, how efficiently your company processes paperwork can affect your bottom line in a number of ways. When it comes to buying a new printer, scanner, or other equipment, there are several things you need to consider. Buying a laser printer and scanner in one could be your best option.

Saving Space

laser printer and scannerOne of the best reasons to get an all-in-one machine is that it saves space in your office. For small businesses, this means that you can have one machine in a central location for all of your office staff to use. This is preferable over printers, scanners and copiers being placed in whatever space is available, which may not be convenient for all of your employees.

All-in-one solutions are also best for larger companies that want to provide a separate machine for each department. When a business is divided into cubicles or small offices, it can be difficult to find a central location for each department to use a printer or scanner. When you have multiple machines for different jobs, it increases the amount of space you have to find for your office equipment. With a 3-in-one machine, you only have to worry about finding centrally located space for one piece of equipment.

Cost Effectiveness

Laser printers, copiers, and scanners are not cheap. While there are inexpensive solutions available, most of them are not efficient. Flat bed scanners start at around $50, with prices going up to $400 for scanners that can handle multiple pages through a feeder. The cost of laser printers also varies widely, but they can range from $300 to $800. Once you throw in the cost of a copier, you are easily looking at spending over $3000 for the three separate machines.

Instead, you might consider an all-in-one solution. These machines are a laser printer, scanner, and copier in one machine. The 3-in-1 solution can save you a lot of money on your office equipment, which is important when you consider other paperwork costs. Laser printers require ink, and your ink usage and how you buy your cartridges also plays into the overall cost of your printing solutions.

You will also save some money on office furniture when you get an all-in-one solution. Most stand alone printers and scanners require tables for them to perch upon during and between uses. By getting an all-in-one solution, you may be able to eliminate this cost entirely if the machine stands on its own feet.


It can be very convenient to have a printer and scanner in one. With many offices, there is one central location available for shared office equipment. With low end scanners, using a centrally located scanner may be very inconvenient. Low end scanners do not allow for easy transfer of files to a computer located in another room or cubicle. Purchasing scanners for each office could also be costly and inconvenient. Having a centrally located scanner capable of transmitting files to any computer in the building can be very convenient and efficient.

It can also be more convenient to have an all-in-one system because you can perform all of your tasks from one central location. If you need to print a document, sign it, copy it, and scan it for sending to a client, you can do all of these tasks from one machine in one location. This can save steps, time, and energy that can then be devoted to other more important tasks.

Copier Repair

Other Features

When you combine your printer and scanner into one machine, you can also get additional features for your office. Most printer and scanner combinations also contain a copier. The larger machines are able to handle many copies, print many pages, or scan many documents all at the same time and within a short period. Some of these machines are also able to collate and staple your printed or copied pages. Your pages per minute for printing, scanning and copying are going to be greatly reduced with a 3-in-1 machine, and your employees will also save time and be more efficient.

If you are considering new office equipment, consider an all-in-one solution from CSBS. Our machines are efficient, cost effective, convenient, and space saving. We also have options for printers that use toner rather than ink cartridges for added savings. There are many options available based on the needs of your company, with machines that offer printer, copier and scanner all in one. For more information about the all-in-one systems that we offer, their features, and to get a price quote, contact us today by phone or by email.