Transcript – Cary and Amy Bush – Merge Studio

My name is Cary Bush. I’m a landscape architect. The company’s business is Merge Studio. We’re landscape architects.

I’m Amy Bush and I’m an arborist and horticulturalist with Merge Studio Landscape Architecture.

Printing and copying is vital to our business. It’s our everyday deliverable to many of our clients as a product of our company.

Working with Common Sense Business Solutions has been great. They’re really everything you need from a company as a sense of assurance for your everyday copy needs.

We feel like they’ve been extremely supportive and very, very easy to work with. They’re very responsive if we ever have an issue or concern or a question even. And they’ve even provided tech support. They’ve been very, very wonderful to work with.

Not only you get a great product – our product’s been real reliable and we’re seldom down. And if we’re ever down, they’re here within the hour to fix us up. It’s been incredible.

Would we recommend Common Sense Business Solutions? Absolutely, 100%. It wouldn’t be any doubt in my mind.

And we have recommended them before too.

That’s true. We sure have.

He really found what our needs were and he really worked with us and we kind of felt like we wanted something – a little something custom because, again, we produce lots of architectural plans that are useful for here in the office but also in the field. We get these quarter sheet sets that aren’t really with any other printer. So we were able to get a printer that was perfect to sort of customize our needs. It’s perfect.

It’s been great for us.

Yeah, really good and it’s, again, real reliable.

It’s been a workhorse.

Workhorse is right. It’s awesome.