Transcript – Cathy Olsen – Interim Healthcare

I am Cathy Olsen and I own Interim Healthcare Personal Care and Support Services and Staffing.

Scanning and printing is extremely important to my business. We go through a lot of documentation to keep up with regulations and we need to print all of our orientation packets and intake assessments. And then once they are completed, we scan them and then store them electronically. So being able to have the capability to be able to do that efficiently is extremely important in my business.

Working with Common Sense Business Solutions has saved us so much time and so much hassle. I used to buy toners and have to go through those about once a month. And Ross is the one who informed how much time and money I could save by using his services. So I made the change about two years ago and it has been such a lifesaver.

Customer support from Common Sense Business Solutions is amazing. Very seldom have we had issues but the couple times that we have, somebody has responded immediately and they have either shown up the same day or the following day and taken care of the issue.

I would suggest Common Sense Business Solutions because of their excellent customer service, their timely responsiveness, and their excellent pricing.