Transcript – Jon Titus – Soiland Company

My name is Jon Titus. I am the Director of Finance here at Soiland Company. This office location is Stony Point Rock Quarry, one of the three sites that we do have. We basically do quarry type business with rock and aggregate soils, that kind of stuff.

Most of the printing type of materials that we use is we print tickets for everything that comes in. Everything that goes out of here has to have a ticket associated with it so we run printers constantly all day long and it’s important for us to – if those go down or the computers go down, we have to shut the gates. We can’t do it manual.

So the printing, copying, and faxing is extremely important here with Soiland. We run through the weights and measures from our scales that have to ticket everything that comes into the site whether it’s recycled material or material that we process here that goes out. We have to give the drivers tickets. We have to send tickets to the customer themselves as well as we do all of our own invoicing, billing, statements, and everything else here as well with printed products. And so it is extremely important for us for our daily business to have printers that function that can handle the volume as well as the life of the printer to make sure we’re not replacing them every couple of years.

At this location I’ve been working with Common Sense Business Solutions for about a year and a half now. I’ve known and used their business in prior employment in other companies so I know their reputation. I know their work ethic. I know what they sell they stand behind their work. When I came over here, we had some issues.

I gave Ross a call and asked Ross to give me a hand to try to figure out how we can get it better here, how we can improve our printing and save some money at the same time. He came over the next day. We started talking and within two weeks we had printers here up and running. We had service here to help us set them all up.

We do a lot of printing here so one of the huge benefits that we’ve found with the customer service from Common Sense Business Solutions is that they have the warehouse of all their toner cartridges right down the street. So when we run out or we start to run out, Ross will actually bring one over that day and drop it off for us so that we can continue working. And for us, that’s huge.

The maintenance and customer support from those guys has been stellar. They’re here once a month to take readings, to check printers, to clean them. They’re always available by phone and text. I probably text them more than I should with little problems, stuff like that. But they’ll walk me through sometimes how to add new users to our main copier, how to troubleshoot a few little things whether we have a line on a printer or stuff like that.