Transcript – Misty Mesel – Cumulus Bookkeeping

My name is Misty Mesel and the name of my company is Cumulus Bookkeeping and Consulting. We offer bookkeeping services in Sonoma County.

Bookkeeping and financial management tend to be a deadline driven business. So when I need it work, I need it to work now. So there is times when I go for a while without needing to print anything but as soon as I need it to be printed, I need it to be printed and I need it to be printed right now.

The wonderful thing about Common Sense Business Solutions and specifically Rita, in particular, is that it makes this tool invisible. It works when it needs to work and if there’s ever an instance where there’s something that’s wrong, Rita’s here to make it go away and put it back online really quickly which makes it – the business disruption that we have is very minimal. And that’s such a great component of this service from Common Sense.

Customer support is amazing. Rita is very available. I find her extremely reachable and personable. I feel like she cares about me when I have a problem. I feel like she’s got a huge amount of compassion and her sense of urgency about making sure that things work for us is top notch.

There’s the dollars and sense reason to choose Common Sense which is this is just a more economical solution. We’re not having to keep toners on hand. We’re not having to worry about paying someone to maintain this. It’s all included in the service.

But then also in dealing with Ross and Rita, I just feel connected and well cared for because they’re a local business and they care about us as a local business and they get it. They realize that in order for them to keep working, we need to be able to keep working. It’s a business continuity – it’s a key part of my business continuity strategy.

Unquestionably, in a moment, I would totally recommend them. People can’t go wrong. Even if it’s a scenario where this isn’t the right solution, it doesn’t make financial sense, Ross is absolutely going to tell you, “Keep doing what you’re doing. This is what makes fiscal sense for you.” So they act in a consulting capacity to make sure that we’re making the right choices for our business. You can’t go wrong.