Transcript – Morley Law Office

Hi. I’m Marie Morley. I’m an attorney at Morley Law Office and I have a Common Sense Business Solutions copy machine. I moved offices in – I think it was January 2013. And at the time my office manager found Common Sense Business Solutions. We were able to upgrade the copy machine that we had to a color copier with add-ons that have three-hole punching, two-hole punching, and stapling for a fraction of the cost that we were paying for our other copier.

In addition, we have a service contract with Common Sense Business Solutions which provides excellent service on our machine. As an attorney, we have deadlines that we need to get documents out and if something goes wrong with our copier, we could be late.

Any time that we’ve had a problem with the machine, which has not been very often, Ross and a Common Sense Business Solutions team member has been here within minutes and it has been fabulous.

I have recommended Common Sense Business Solutions to my colleagues and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They provide excellent service and the machines are high quality.