Transcript – Zach Mesel – Wooden Spoon Technologies

Hi. My name is Zach Mesel. I’m the owner of Wooden Spoon Technologies. We’re a business IT consulting firm here in Santa Rosa.

I’ve known Ross Wiffler from Common Sense Business Solutions for several years now. I’m both a client of his and I refer him to my clients.

I’ve got his equipment in two of our offices here in Santa Rosa, so I’m very familiar with how it works and I’m very pleased with how it works for our business both from a scanning and printing perspective.

I’m also responsible for referring my clients to other service providers who are going to give them the highest quality, most efficient, most cost-effective solution for their needs. I serve dozens of businesses here in Santa Rosa and I’ve confidently referred Ross to over a dozen of them and they’re currently his clients.

He’s really made it easy for me to refer him because the equipment works extremely well. My clients are extremely happy. It saves them money which is one of the best parts about it. And all the feedback that I get is that they’re extremely happy with his service.

I can echo that from a personal perspective and I would highly recommend that anybody who’s considering getting a multi-function device strongly consider working with Ross Wiffler at Common Sense Business Solutions.