Preventative Printer Maintenance There’s lots of good cheer to spread this holiday season and you can share the magic with your customers or clients by simply printing and sending them seasonal items such as Christmas and Happy New Year postcards. For a project like this you’ll definitely need a printer that is working at its best and producing top quality print materials.

Make someone smile with a postcard that wishes them ‘Happy Holidays to You and Your Family’ or ‘ Wishing You a Successful 2018’. Your customers will definitely appreciate the kind gesture and a very useful tip to consider in order to ensure a successful in-house print campaign would be to make preventative printer maintenance a top priority.

Why Printers Require Preventative Maintenance 

If your printer is already battling insane workloads it is the time to have it inspected to make sure that it can do what it needs to do.  Any additional strain that is placed on an over-worked printer will disrupt activities.

Due to increased workload that can come before and during the holiday season preventative printer maintenance helps machines to offer the reliability that businesses need to operate efficiently at this time of year.

To some people especially those that operate in time sensitive business environments preventative printer maintenance may seem to be a time consuming task however this practice not only ensures that printers perform exceptionally but guarantees that equipment works for a long time to come.

Preventative Printer Maintenance- What the Experts Recommend

Using the owner’s manual can also be very useful when seeking to conduct preventative printer maintenance in the recommended manner.This provides a more in depth knowledge of the prescribed cleaning regimen and specific maintenance schedule for whatever model printer you have including a specific schedule for daily, monthly and annual maintenance.

If you have for some reason misplaced your printer owner’s manual or cannot locate a digital version via the internet there are some general preventative printer maintenance tips that people could consider employing to provide their printers with the maintenance they require.

These include:

  1. Clean paper path to avoid buildup.
  2. Keep printers in areas with humidity levels of 40-60 % humidity.
  3. People with personal printers not often used should print a few pages every 1-2 weeks.
  4. Avoid using solvents or ammonia-based cleaners


Need Help Conducting Preventative Preventative Maintenance?

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