“Don’t let your printer know you are in a hurry it can smell fear.”

2017 is coming to an end and the start of a new year will bring new projects and a lot of work. One thing that will put a monkey wrench into getting your work done is a malfunctioning copy machine. Right now, is a fantastic time to set a New Year’s resolution for printer maintenance.

We’d love for you to contact us at Common Sense Business Solutions to give your copy machine a much-needed tune up. But, if you want to do it yourself first, here is a nice set of guidelines for you to do it yourself. If these don’t help, we’d love for you to contact us, so we can be of service.

Clean your Copiers Printer Head

Printer MaintenanceIf you don’t do this already, it’s most ideal to clean your printer heads at least one time per month. It’s pretty basic. All you have to do is, take the cartridges out and clean up the head with a warm cloth. Don’t be in a rush on this. Clean it with that warm cloth and allow some time for the head to dry before you start it up again. Don’t use an alcohol based cleaning product to do this. It can affect the overall production of your copier. A nice warm cloth is just fine.

Don’t ignore the inside

So much dust and daily wear and tear can build up and cause your copy machine to act up. Someone should always clean out the insides of your copy machine regularly for optimal performance. The best products to use are lint free cloths that have a little warm moisture in order to clean away the dustiness. The insides of a copier are delicate, so be gentle with it. Treat it like a new born baby and clean the affected areas gently. Even when you see the gunk is embedded, be as gentle as you can. Too much pressure can cause so many problems. We highly recommend a compressed air device to blow away the dust. This will bypass all worry of damaging the insides of your copy machine. No vacuum’s! Vacuum’s can sometimes be an uncontrolled pressure device and not clean it efficiently.


Pop it open

Pop open the hood of your copy machine or printer, and take a look for anything that could be jammed or broken. We’ve had many calls about paper jams and it’s in large part do to poor maintenance. A lot of people or companies will only maintain the toner cartridges, but under the hood is so important to maintain as well.

A lot of the new copy machines have automatic diagnostics capabilities so it’s vital to pay attention to them. Pay attention to the lights and on some copiers, there will be alert details. If those alert details are recognizable, go ahead and follow those instructions. If not, contact us or your copiers manufacturer. Don’t wait for the copier to break down. Let someone know what’s going on so they can replace any malfunctioning part before it’s too late.

We’ve seen it a million times, offices or people will replace parts on their copiers with cheap, non-original parts. Sometimes this is okay, but it’s in your best interest to not sacrifice your copiers overall working capability with a knock off product. Treat your copy machine well, and it’ll always work for you. Sacrificing quality, in the end, can cause you greater headaches in the long run.

Use the Correct Refill

My 79-year-old father still works, and he uses a copy machine every day. He’s always talking to me about how often he must refill his ink cartridges. First off, he has a knock off copy machine, but he’s old school so he says the cheaper printer is fine. But, this is the reason he must buy ink cartridges so often. He also buys the knock off cartridges that don’t live up to the style of printer he has. The quality isn’t there and he gets frustrated. I tell him, he needs to buy the correct ink cartridges for his printer and he’ll get the ideal desired quality for his printer and for his money. In the long run, using the optimal ink cartridge will help your copy machine run at its highest level.

In the end

Your copy machine needs to be used regularly to always be running at its peak performance. Maintaining your machine consists of not neglecting it and always cleaning it. Don’t buy knock off parts, don’t ignore the insides, and always clean the printer heads. If you don’t do these things at least once a month, a call to us or your printers manufacturer is inevitable. In the end, the more care you give to your printer, the less headaches you’ll receive.