When you invest in a quality and well-designed printer like a Konica Minolta, you can rest assured that it was not only manufactured to last a long time, but also to handle the wear and tear brought on by employees who have little experience with copiers and those who are heavy-handed when operating equipment. As reliable as your Konica Minolta is, however, it still requires preventive maintenance to ensure it continues to function at full capacity. While some printer repair efforts should be done by a certified Minolta professional, others can be easily handled by you.

In-house Printer Repair

Printer RepairOne printer repair you can handle is a jam; however, this doesn’t mean that you instantly open the copier and aggressively pull out the paper stuck in one of the printing areas. This will lead to more frustration when the jammed paper rips – leaving behind lots of small pieces and bits of paper to get stuck in other areas of the printer. To rectify this, simply look at the printer’s “dashboard” and it will direct you to the exact spot where the jam exists. The brightly colored handles throughout your machine are the ones you want to manipulate so that you can release the jam easily. If it ends up not being an easy release, call your local dealer. Another repair issue you can do yourself is basic daily care. While it will take just a few minutes to wipe off the day’s fingerprints, toner powder and dust, it will save you countless hours of frustration, stress and added expense down the road. Regularly caring for your printer is one of the best preventative maintenance actions you can take to sustain its dependability. Further, be sure to remind your staff (display a sign on the wall near the printer) that beverages, snacks and sticky fingers from those morning glazed doughnuts are not permitted anywhere near the printer! A third repair procedure you can do yourself is replacing the toner cartridge. When a toner runs out, it doesn’t mean your copier is in need of repair – it simply means you need to replace the toner cartridge. If you have your local dealer show you how to replace it when you first have your printer delivered, you can then easily and confidently do it yourself when necessary. If you forget how to replace it, simply consult the owner’s manual that you got with your printer. Be sure to order extra toner cartridges so that you have one at hand when it’s time to replace one.


Professional Printer Repair

If a maintenance code shows up on your dashboard, don’t try to repair the printer yourself – call your local dealer. Your Konica Minolta is smart and will only signal that it needs a pro to troubleshoot and fix the problem if the printer repair issue is complex. Further, if you can’t easily remove a jammed paper, contact your dealer. Forcing the paper without first lifting the different handles can cause you to break a component of the printer – making the repair issue much bigger than it needs to be.

All of your employees need to be trained on the basics of what to look for and listen for that may be signs your printer is in need of attention. Nothing is more frustrating than walking up to your printer to run off some important project only to find that it has a paper jam, it’s out of toner or a maintenance code is flashing. If the problem can’t be diagnosed and fixed by its last user, then contact your local Konica dealer.