Multifunction devices that copy, print and handle network scanning are the right choice for most businesses regardless of their size. A copier scanner that does all that as well as emails and faxes has obvious business benefits.

Simply having a copier scanner that can print two dozen pages per minute in color is a huge business asset. Studies show that color copies increase recall by 82% and make your ads 39% more memorable, on average, versus black and white prints.

Sending Emails, Faxing, and Accessing Cloud Applications Just Got Easier

Copier ScannerIt used to be that you had to use company address books to send emails and faxes to your clients and customers. You’d have to scroll through clients from different departments and people you might not have ever come across.

  • Personal Address Books

A modern copier scanner lets each user create his or her own unique address book of personal contacts, which makes sending emails much easier.

The way that an updated copier scanner from Konica Minolta handles cloud applications is even more convenient.

  • Convenient Cloud Services

It used to be that each individual user would have to log in repeatedly each time she wanted to use a particular cloud service. That’s all changed.

Instead of requiring multiple logins, you can now simply have your copier scanner remember the cloud services that you regularly access.

  • Enhanced Network Security

With all of these new features you might be thinking that your network security might be much more vulnerable to attack.

Fortunately, a modern copier scanner will have you assign a unique PIN to each person in the workplace or have swipe cards for even quicker identification and security.

  • Mobile (Smartphone) Compatibility

For years people were clamoring for more personalized features that made a modern copier scanner act more like their smartphone.

Companies like Konica Minolta listened by incorporating features like the ability to access your copier scanner from smartphones and tablets.

The workplace is changing, and your copier scanner should keep pace.

If you’re working remotely, but you need everyone in the office to get a document by the end of the day, you can have your copier scanner print, say, 20 copies straight from your mobile device.

  • Generate Reports, Reduce Costs

Being able to access your copier scanner remotely also has implications when it comes to saving more on paper and toner.

Konica Minolta’s copier scanners can give you reports and updates about which employees are using your copier the most and how many copies are unnecessarily color instead of black and white.

With a digital copier scanner you’ll also be able to tell your copier to only print in black and white or color from certain applications.

That means getting it right the first time and saving costs. For interoffice memos and documents coming from applications like Excel, black and white might do just fine.

Copier Repair

Reduce IT and Paper Costs

It’s estimated that the average worker prints 10,000 pages a year at a cost of $725 per worker.

That number might sound big, and it is. But when you think about it that’s only 27 pages a day, which could even be a slow day at some offices.

When you also factor in the fact that nearly a quarter (23%) of IT help desk calls are related to malfunctioning printers, you realize how costs can add up. Why keep putting up with an outdated business copier?

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