Many business owners, office managers, and others who need a copier are quick to buy one, but that may not be the best option. Leasing a copier has a number of advantages that can significantly impact your business’s options and overall finances. Leasing gives you the flexibility to spend money elsewhere since there’s not as much of an upfront investment. By spreading the cost out through fixed payments, you’ll be able to make other purchases or lease a machine with more options. 

There are other benefits, too, including maintenance and support. Your lease should include comprehensive maintenance coverage plus technical support. This means that your copier will receive regular servicing, repairs, and expert assistance, which will boost your productivity. Common Sense Business Solutions is here to help you select the right copier to lease for your business so you can take advantage of all of these benefits. Not convinced? Let’s take a deeper look at why leasing a copier is a better option than buying one. 


Flexibility and Cost-EffectivenessFlexibility and Cost-Effectiveness

With buying a copier, you have to make a significant upfront investment. Leasing, on the other hand, allows you to spread the cost out over a fixed term. You may pay monthly, quarterly, or even annually, depending on what works best for you. This frees up your budget for other expenses and investments since you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay with every payment. Leasing also typically requires a lower initial down payment, making it a good option for businesses with limited funds.

Another benefit to leasing a color copier instead of purchasing one is that you can trade it in for a more powerful machine if you need one. Business needs change, and over time, you may realize you need your copier more or less than you thought. If you have a higher print volume than you anticipated, you can work with your leasing company to upgrade to a copier that can meet your demands. On the other hand, if you use your copier less than you thought you would, you can downgrade and, perhaps, save some money. 

This flexibility means you don’t end up with a lot of useless copiers sitting around the office. Instead, you simply swap out the old machine with the new one. The leasing company takes care of this, too, so you don’t need to do anything with the old machine. In some cases, the leasing company may even suggest you upgrade because the copier you’re using is so old it’s being phased out. 


Access to Advanced Technology

Copier technology is always changing. By leasing a color copier, you can stay ahead of the curve without buying new equipment and dealing with old machines. Leasing agreements often include the option to upgrade to the latest model, ensuring that your business will always have the newest technology. This advantage is particularly crucial if your industry requires advanced printing capabilities or enhanced security features. Upgrading to newer models provides your business with new functions and other options. Leasing ensures that you can benefit from the most up-to-date copier technology, which can be essential in keeping ahead of the competition. 


Tax Advantages

Leasing copiers can offer significant tax benefits. In many cases, lease payments are considered operational expenses rather than capital expenditures, making them tax-deductible. Talk to your accountant to learn about the tax advantages available in your state. 


Reduced Maintenance Expenses

One of the hidden costs associated with owning a copier is the cost of maintenance and repairs. When you buy a copier, you become responsible for its upkeep and repairs. On the other hand, leasing agreements often include regular servicing, repairs, and even replacement of parts or ink cartridges as needed. This means that if the copier experiences any issues, the leasing company’s dedicated service team will handle it. You can call on their expertise and experience instead of trying to figure out the issue yourself or pay an expensive repair bill. 


Get Timely SupportGet Timely Support

Leasing a copier typically includes access to timely technical support. Should you encounter any problems or have questions, the leasing company’s support team is just a phone call away. They can provide assistance over the phone or via video chat, plus they can always send a technician to your office if necessary. This level of technical support ensures that you can quickly resolve any issues, preventing downtime. You also get to offload the burden of troubleshooting and problem-solving to a professional, allowing you to focus on your business instead of going online to search for copier instructions.


Get Help from an Industry Expert

Leasing companies that specialize in copiers know just about everything there is to know about them. They stay up to date on the latest advancements in copier technology, maintenance and repair techniques, and best practices. By leasing from Common Sense Business Solutions, you gain access to our specialized knowledge and experience. We can help you determine the best type of copier and make certain that it’s set up correctly, maintained properly, and optimized for what you need. We will help you make informed decisions about copier usage, upgrades, and maintenance, ensuring you get the best value for your money.


Minimize Downtime 

A related benefit that comes from having professionals maintain your equipment is that they know how to fix issues quickly. This means they have your black and white copier back up and running quickly, so there’s less downtime. They can also schedule maintenance so that it doesn’t disrupt your workflow. Better uptime and fewer disruptions translate into better productivity. Your employees can rely on the copier’s consistent performance, allowing them to focus on their work without delays or frustrations. 


Try Before You Buy (or Lease Long-Term)

Leasing a copier allows you to try out different models and determine if they’re a good fit before committing to a long-term investment. This allows you to test multiple copiers and determine which one best meets your specific needs. By leasing, you can evaluate factors such as performance, ease of use, maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness. This trial period allows you to make an informed decision and select the copier that best fits your needs. Having the opportunity to try out different copiers without the cost of purchasing one allows you to truly pick the best option and avoid buyer’s remorse.


Move Your Copier with Less Hassle

Leasing a copier provides businesses with increased mobility. If your business has multiple locations or frequently changes locations, leasing allows you to easily relocate your copier without the hassle and cost associated with moving equipment you own. Leasing companies can coordinate the logistics of the move and ensure that your copier is set up and ready for use at the new location. If your business operates remotely or has off-site employees, leasing offers the convenience of having copiers at various locations based on your needs. This ensures that your team has access to copiers wherever they are, improving efficiency and productivity.


Common Sense Business Solutions Offers a Wide Range of Copier Options

Whether you need a small black and white copier or a large color copier that can handle a high volume of prints every month, Common Sense Business Solutions has you covered. We offer a wide range of the latest copy machines at competitive prices. If you’re ready to lease a copier in Sonoma, Marin, or Napa County, reach out today to learn more about your options.