While every business owner can appreciate the convenience of having a copier in-house, not every business owner needs to purchase a copier outright, settle for a copier that exceeds his/her particular company’s printing needs, or think that choosing a nationally-renowned copier manufacturer means having to do business with a copier provider out of state.

Why you Might Need a Small Business Copier Today

Small Business Copier LeasingSome small businesses don’t print enough on a regular basis to warrant the need for a full-sized copier. There’s no sense buying a huge, multi-function copier simply to have it sit in the corner of your business and use it a couple times a month. If you need a multi-function copier but don’t have the physical space or printing volume to opt for a big copier, consider the Konica Minolta Bizhub 4050 Black and White Copy-Print-Scan-Fax System. This small business copier is fast, holds a good amount of paper, and will fit easily on a desktop or corner table. You might also consider the Konica Minolta Bizhub C284 ~ a mid-sized copier that gives you the finishing option of stapling, hole punching, folding, and booklet-making. Although this popular copier is too big for a desktop, it is still smaller than a full-sized copier and won’t take over the whole space in an office.

The Practicality of Leasing a Small Copier

There are many benefits to small business copier leasing. For starters, leasing frees you from being locked into purchasing a copier that you will have forever until you sell it or donate it. When you lease a copier, you typically get the option to upgrade your device at the end of the lease, enabling you to swap your copier for a newer, faster model. As your company’s services may change or expand, your copier is able to do that with you. Second, leasing is more affordable. For small businesses that are just starting out, there are often many products and business needs vying for a chunk of that initial budget. Leasing a copier enables you to pay a manageable monthly fee for the equipment you need vs. having to come up with the whole amount upfront or secure a loan to purchase a copier. Third, when you choose to lease your copier, you’ll also be getting excellent customer support for your device. Instead of you having to pick up your purchased copier from some big box store or waiting for it to be shipped from across the country, your leased copier will be delivered and installed properly by your local dealer. In addition, leased copiers include service agreements that provide routine cleaning and maintenance, repairs, and management of toner inventory.


Leasing a Small Business Copier Locally

Just as leasing over buying has its benefits, working with a local experts for your copier needs has countless benefits as well. Knowing that your copier dealer is right in your neighborhood eases any stress or panic that often occurs when you do business with a company that is out of state. Whether you have a quick question about one of the features of your copier or you need more toner, your local dealer is right there to be of service to you. If you love your community and plan to reside and run your business locally, working with a local copier contributes to your community’s continued success.

Whether you run your small business at a traditional brick-and-mortar location in or around the Santa Rosa area, or you have a designated space at your home, leasing a small business copier from your local dealer will help your business and community both blossom.