We have looked at the different ways copier leasing benefits your organization, and we discussed buying your printer outright, so now it is time to look at another option, copier rental.

The terms Rentals and Leases are often used interchangeably, but the main difference between them is the short-term nature of rentals. Without long-term commitments or fixed financials, rentals are the most flexible choice.


Rental is the Best Option for Short Term Needs

There are times when you only need the digital printer for a short duration – operating your business from a temporary location, cyclical increased need, like tax time, or you are in a state of transition.

    • According to Exhibitor Magazine, 59% of trade show booths rent copier equipment locally for short term use. “Pooling” resources is becoming more common, with small groups of non-competitors sharing the costs to share printers.
    • Political campaigns are also frequent renters of copiers and digital printers. They are, by their nature, temporary, nomadic, and reliant on paper communication.
    • Tax time is crunch time for accountants, and for a few short weeks each year, their need for printing power increases dramatically.
    • Law firms who take on a big case often find themselves in need of print support, they often need to maintain client’s privacy, so cannot outsource printing.
    • Startup businesses with little or no credit history can get up and running quickly, with zero hassle, by renting their print equipment from the right company, like CSBS.
    • Construction sites, with their reliances on ‘change of plan’ documentation, combined with their temporary nature, make copier rental an ideal choice.

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Frequently Asked Copier Rental Questions

You probably have questions, but don’t worry. We have answers.

Who is responsible for service?

One of the primary benefits of digital printer rental is that the rental company owns the machine and is responsible for its maintenance and service. They hold the responsibility for installation, networking, and eventual removal. Remember, you are paying extra for the convenience.

Can I buy paper from you?

 A good business solution printing partner can also provide consumables like paper, additional toner, some will even rent you an operator to make certain your print needs are met.

How much will copier rental cost?

Always the important question, right?

When compared to lease payments, monthly rental payments are higher, generally speaking, and with good reason. Unable to amortize the cost over a defined period of time, and without service contracts, maintenance schedules, or guarantees, all costs are assumed by the rental agency, leaving the renter free to use the device without any additional costs, beyond consumables. Additional options obviously add to the rental cost, yet cost much less than the time they save:

    • Color or black and white?
    • Scanning?
    • Email capability?
    • Networked?
    • Fax?
    • High Volume?


What if I need a copier for six months? What if I need it for six days?

Rental agreements differ from leases in that there is no fixed duration.

Another way in which rental agreements differ from leases is that they are almost always unique to the specific agreement. Duration, options, logistics, down payments, extras, and more, each one is carefully worked out to best suit the renter’s needs, no two rental agreements are exactly alike.

Always work with a print solutions partner that shows these best practices:

    • Has machines in stock – both color and black only – on site and ready for immediate deployment
    • Offers multiple options at multiple price points to get you printing and keep you printing
    • Works to learn your business to find you the best printer for your needs at the best price
    • Ensures proper setup, networking, and installation, as well as breakdown and removal.


I know I need a copier rental, what can I expect to be responsible for?

A Copier Rental May Be the Right Choice For You | Commone Sense Business Solutions

Determining your print needs is crucial when making the decision to buy, lease, or rent a digital printer or multifunction printer.

Although copier rental is short-term by nature – and you can always change to a different model if your print needs are not met – determining your volume requirements ahead of time will help you select the best device to suit your needs.

This is definitely an area when it is best to measure twice, cut once. Here are some steps to take toward considering a copier.

Step 1 – Observe the Requirements

    • Estimate volume requirements
      • Not only number of pages, but size, folds, punches, staples, etc.
    • Estimate speed requirements
      • Copiers come in different speeds, so if time is critical, ask about options
    • Determine feature set requirements
      • Networking, scanning, email, fax, bindery machinery options
    • Research additional options and costs
      • Consumables, operators, delivery and removal

Step 2 – Shop around for a good contract.

Are you looking for a bare bone, low price, need it now option? Or do you need an all-inclusive valet service, or maybe a turnkey solution?

These options and everything in between are available, so it is your responsibility to work with an agent that takes the time to learn how and why you will be using the machines, to help you find the perfect choice, and structure an agreement that suits your business.

Step 3 – Negotiate

It is a highly competitive market, and your dealer can help you negotiate the best terms depending on the manufacturer. They can also help inform you about the manufacturer’s service, and if their service options do not reflect a real commitment to your satisfaction, your dealer can help point you to a similar unit from another maker.


What do I do if my situation changes?

Ask for help. It is that easy with a copier rental.

Your agent will handle the logistics of a trade, update or extend the agreement, arrange for pickup, or whatever your customer agreement requires.

Your hassles end with the phone call.


Any good advice about dealing with copier rental agencies?

    • Communicate, always. Sooner is better than later.
    • Shop Locally. Source Nationally. Your local dealer is better suited to care about your success, yet has access to national service teams and support.
    • Never make assumptions. Always get a clear explanation of pricing, terms, fees, etc.
    • Do recommend good service to others. Networking and testimonials help everyone involved.

Even when dealing in a short-term rental of a copier, multifunction printer, or wide format printer, you should always work with an agent that treats your business like long term, acting more as a partner in your print needs than just a copier rental shop.

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