Many small businesses have a standard, desktop printer in their office, but hesitate to invest in a full-size photocopier. Perhaps the owners of these businesses think that it’s a waste of money or space to invest in a professional photocopier. In reality, having a photocopier in your office can make doing business more cost-effective and convenient.

Having control over your printed projects

Instead of investing in a high efficiency photocopier, many companies instead use a copy shop for big project. When you rely on an outside copy shop to handle big printing jobs, it can be a real hassle. First, you have to design the project, then you have to get it to the copy shop. If it’s a really important project, you may have them do a proof, which you may then have to revise. After all of this, you still have to wait for them to finish the printing job and go pick it up. Imagine how much time you would save if you could handle this entire process in-house. Having a photocopier in your office allows you to precisely control how your projects look and when they will be ready. You will be able to print, proof, and revise projects in a matter of minutes rather than waiting hours or days for things to be finished at the copy shop.

Increased employee productivity

Purchasing a modern photocopier for your office will give you access to tons of great features that will lead to increased productivity. For example, a photocopier like the Konica Minolta Bizhub C554, has multifunctional capability and can handle printing, scanning, and copying. This makes it easy to knock out big projects, make copies for meetings, or electronically share documents with others. The C554 can also accommodate paper up to size 12” x 18” and has features that allow you to staple, hole punch, fold, and create booklets with saddle stitch. If your company creates its own marketing materials or is involved in any type of creative venture, these features will come in handy. When you add a device like this to your office, employees will be able to knock out practically any type of project at lightning speed.

A smart financial move

Business owners may be hesitant to invest in a photocopier because of the high initial cost. While it is true that a good photocopier isn’t cheap, the cost tends to be well worth it. Having a photocopier in your office will make your business run more efficiently and will pay off over time. Your employees will spend less time waiting for print jobs to finish, running to copy shops, or struggling to design a project on an outdated device. This means, you’ll be paying those employees to do more meaningful tasks with their time. Plus, you’ll have precise control over which departments or employees can use specific print features (such as color printing), allowing you to save money on consumables over time. In addition, local copier companies usually offer buying options that will help keep your budget intact. You may be able to lease a photocopier, allowing you to pay a small monthly fee for the device you need. It’s also possible to get high-quality, pre-owned copiers at a reduced cost.

Overall, having a photocopier in your office is incredibly convenient. It reduces your dependence on outside copy shops, increases employee productivity, and saves you money over time. Even if your budget is small, there are a wide range of devices and buying options that can help you find exactly what you need to keep your business growing in the right direction. Contact us for more information.