The USB thumb drive is a great solution for company guests who are challenged with accessing an organisation’s multi-functional copier machine for printing and scanning. For many it is important to find a system that does not require the loading of print drivers on each guest’s computer and does not require providing access to the organization’s wireless network.
Organizations that wish to provide printing and scanning to visitors and guests can inform visitors that printing and scanning is available via the use of a thumb drive external memory. In some cases we can sell or give thumb drives to guests to accommodate this necessity.
multi-functional-printer-usbMany of the copier machines today give users the ability to plug a USB external memory thumb drive directly into the printer. This feature allow guests and visitors to use the organization’s printer without the need to log into the organization’s wireless network, and without having to load the print driver.

To use this function the guest simply saves whatever file they wish to print from their own local computer onto the USB device and then plug the USB device into the printer. After this step is done they are able to view and print any files saved on the USB drive. Once the thumb drive is inserted into the printer, the available files are displayed on the printer’s LCD display. The user is then given the opportunity to choose any available file to print. Upon choosing the file the user has the ability to select any set of features such as two sided printing, stapling or whatever other features are necessary to achieve the desired result. All this convenience and flexibility is available without ever having to access a wireless network and without having to load a print driver.

Copier machines also allow visitors and guests to scan documents directly onto a USB external memory thumb drive. Many organizations have guests visit their offices for meetings or seminars and they find the need to scan documentation upon the request of one of their guests. By inserting the USB drive directly into the multi-functional copier machine a guest is able to scan documents directly onto the thumb drive without having to access a wireless network or computer.

The USB port is a great way for visitors and guests to access a multi-functional copier-printer-scanner which requires no time to load print drivers. Guests are also offered the opportunity to enjoy the benefits without having to access the wireless network. Most multi-functional business copier machines offered today provide this USB port making it easier for users . Contact us if you want to reap the benefits  of this ti
me savings tool.