Is your business on a tight budget but in urgent need of a copier? Bummer! This certainly is a sticky situation as buying a new copier may be currently beyond your financial reach and you don’t want to compromise your business standards or your productivity levels. Truth be told, this doesn’t have to be the case not with options like used copiers that make an excellent way to access a copier without sacrificing print quality, certain features or precious company resources.

Think about it, buying a used copier similar to that of a brand new model at a fraction of the price would make things a whole lot easier for your business as you can get the equipment you need, spend less cash and still be able to operate at your usual pace.

There are also several other unseen benefits that copping a used copier can offer to a business which is certainly worth taking the time to consider since finding new ways to improve operations is a smart way to help your business to grow and stay competitive.

A copier is considered to be a vital piece of equipment in any business setting and working with an outdated or malfunctioning copier or no copier at all is just not going to cut it. Don’t let your business suffer when purchasing a used copier could be the answer to all your problems.

Get More For Less! – See A Used Copier As A Quality Device For A Much Lower Price

Used Copiers

Most people are under the impression that the higher the cost of an item the better the quality and although this may be true in many cases purchasing a used copier is one exception that can be made considering the fact that a used copier can offer the highest quality results for less money.

To give an idea of what we’re talking about let’s say an office requires a copier and goes out and purchases a refurbished Konica Minolta Bizhub C554 Color Copier Printer Scanner for everyday operations. With this device this business would be getting a top-of-the-line copier with a host of proficient features.

Processing documents at a rapid 55 pages per minute, scans at 80 pages per minute with a high paper capacity workflow and document management are made easy. In addition the device also carries finishing options like stapling, hole punching and more to produce the highest quality documents but best of all with identical features to a brand new C554 a business can enjoy the same proficient features at a significantly reduced price.

In the grand scheme of things to go out and purchase a brand new copier may mean giving up certain features and sacrificing the copier your business could really use just to stay within budget but by choosing a used copier you can get exactly what you need and may even have some change to spare.

Purchasing A Used Copier Vs Purchasing A New Copier – Determining Which Makes A Better Choice

For many business owners purchasing a new copier can come with several reservations with one of the most obvious being their high cost and on another hand they can also be a bit hesitant to  purchase a used copier in fear that the device won’t perform as well as a newer one.

To be honest there’s no way you can go wrong when you purchase a brand new copier other than putting a dent in your wallet but since every business doesn’t have this financial capability the option of purchasing a used copier can serve as an excellent alternative.  Although the performance of a used copier stands to be a valid concern when you purchase a used copier from a reputable company the risk you take would be minimal as a trustworthy company will clean, repair, and refurbish all pre-owned devices before delivering them to a new owner.

A warranty should also be included when you purchase a used copier that way the new owner can be confident in their choice and if there be any issue they can quickly get it rectified.  As for print quality with a refurbished copier you won’t be able to tell the difference between the printed materials produced by a used copier versus those of a new copier. So really the only difference between a new copier and a used copier is the price you pay. So why spend more when clearly you can get more value when you purchase a used copier.


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