Years ago small business owners would scrap together whatever extra funds they had to purchase either a photocopier or a high-volume printer and outsource the functions they couldn’t afford. 

High Volume Copy Machines are Multifunctional 

Those days are now over since today’s high-volume copy machines are multifunctional. High volume copy machines enable your business the chance to scan, print, copy, email, and upload all of your scanned documents and marketing materials to the cloud

What They Can Do 

high volume copy machines

The newest high volume copy machines from Konica Minolta are manageable size-wise yet still allow you to print up to 55 pages per minute in color or black-and-white and do two pages per second (120 pages per minute!) of network scanning in color. 

That basically means that you can scan an entire 240-page book or 240 pages of marketing material in two minutes and have everything available in the cloud or emailed to everyone in the office. Some of these high volume copy machines come with 300-page document feeders as well. 

Marketing for B2B and B2C 

These copiers are ideally suited to churning out marketing collateral in massive quantities. Whether you’re talking about B2B or B2C marketing, high volume copy machines have the firepower and extra bells and whistles that you need to make your copy machine a one-stop shop for creating amazing mailings and marketing packets. 

These high volume copy machines come with optional staple and three-hole punch. High volume copy machines can also produce three folds and booklet folding with saddle stitch bookbinding. That really adds a layer of professionalism to your marketing since saddle stitching translates to more value for your customers. 

Saddle Stitch Bookbinding 

The saddle stitch is used in bookbinding to give booklets, brochures, and marketing catalogs those staples along the spine.

When you have a high volume color copier with a saddle stitch you can have all of your marketing collateral printed as well as automatically folded and stapled together into really inspiring and colorful booklets ready to be mailed out to customers and other businesses. 

Copier Repair

Looking to Expand Your Business? 

Booklets for marketing and wooing customers at your brick-and-mortar location is hugely important and the most obvious use for marketing booklets. 

But if your business is looking to expand and gain more financing, then having a high volume copy machine that can quickly and automatically create saddle-stitched booklets to help you secure a loan or shore up financing can be a tremendous asset as well. 

Full-bleed Prints and Duplex Copies 

With a high volume copy machine you’ll have the chance to really make your marketing collateral stand out with full-bleed prints and duplex copies. Both are critical for having marketing material that distinguishes itself for its professionalism.

Full-bleed prints are basically pages without margins (important for creating that “wow” factor with pictures of your business in a snazzy brochure), and duplex printing with high volume copy machines means double-sided prints. 

Imagine how disappointed a customer would be to only find text and pictures on one side of the page. That clearly wouldn’t pass muster in a magazine…and your business doesn’t have to settle either. Konica Minolta’s high volume copy machines feature full-bleed printing and duplex printing. 

Save, Download, Email, and Send to the Cloud 

You can even save scanned, faxed, emailed, downloaded, or copied documents internally on high volume copy machines. 

That’s huge because it allows you to send all or part of the documents that you download and save to people around the office…even certain people that you hand select to receive particular documents. 

Konica Minolta’s high volume copy machines give you endless options. Contact us for more information.