Whether you run a hospital department, a government office, a winery, a café, a swank nightclub, a family restaurant, or a specialty boutique, you depend on your state-of-the-art Konica Minolta copier to function properly. When you need to run off the agenda for your staff meeting, a menu of the day’s specials, or a flyer advertising the line-up for the live bands tonight, you count on your Konica Minolta to run without a hitch. That’s why you invested in a top-of-the-line copier. While healthcare facilities, government agencies, and local companies in Santa Rosa appreciate the quality and reliability of their Konica Minolta copiers, they also depend on the convenience and services when purchasing or leasing a business copier in Santa Rosa. Here are some of the many benefits of buying or leasing your Konica Minolta copier from your neighborhood Konica Minolta dealer:

Servicing a business copier in Santa Rosa

Whether your Konica Minolta is scheduled for its regular routine servicing or it needs a replenishment of toner, by working with a local Konica dealer you save the time and hassle of having to wait for the delivery or outsource your copier’s service contract. Due to human error, sometimes papers jam or a new user doesn’t understand how to use all the multiple functions of their employer’s Konica, by working with your local dealer, you can typically count on having your copier issues rectified the same day. You will never experience that same world-class service if you buy your copier from a big box store, if your order it over the internet from some other country, or if you found it on Craigslist.

Your business is supporting another local business

If you own a sandwich shop in Santa Rosa, you want the workers from the local museums to choose your eatery for their lunch, you don’t want them to drive to the neighboring city for a fabulous sandwich and a refreshing beverage when they can get those at your place. The same philosophy holds true for all the companies in town who can provide your business with the services and products it needs to operate successfully. When your coffee shop leases your Konica Minolta from us, you can rest assured our daily dose of caffeine comes from your café. By local businesses patronizing local businesses, it adds value to and strengths the community. Creating a sense of collaboration and community keeps the area businesses and neighborhoods thriving.


You’ll never be without a copier

While you will never be without toner and you will never be stuck for days with a paper jam when you buy or lease your Konica Minolta with us, you’ll also have the guarantee that you’ll never be without access to a copier. Should your Minolta suddenly stop working properly because doughnut crumbs or coffee spills got where they weren’t supposed to be, or should you suddenly realize you need an additional copier to meet the demands of your in-house printing projects, having a local copier dealer right around the corner helps! Our goal is to keep your copier(s) up and running properly; if your copier goes down – for whatever reason – you have the serenity of knowing that you don’t have to start searching the internet for a company that can service it or help you, and you don’t have to start asking any of your employees if they know anything about stapling booklets or collating pages. We’re right here in Santa Rosa with you – not simply selling or leasing top-of-the-line Konica Minoltas, but developing and sustaining long-term, wonderful relationships with other local business owners and managers.