While Konica Minolta has already made it super easy and affordable to get a top-of-the-line photocopier into your business through our lease program, there are still some things you’ll want to consider to be sure you have negotiated the best copier lease deal possible.

Copier LeaseService and Maintenance Agreements

You’ll want to negotiate a solid service agreement. Not considering or negotiating this component of your copier lease agreement well in advance could cost you a lot of extra expense and downtime should your leased copier suddenly be out of commission. The service and maintenance agreement should include many details, including:

  • how much response time will be involved in the event the copier breaks down
  • how often preventative maintenance checks will be scheduled and performed
  • whether or not a replacement photocopier will be provided, if necessary, while your copier is being repaired
  • whether or not the cost of labor and parts is included (and, if not, how much are those services/products)
  • whether or not you will be charged a fixed monthly rate based on the volume of usage
  • what the cost of daily-usage supplies (such as ink and toner) will be
  • whether or not you will be notified when the prices are due for an increase

Fees and Pricing

The cost of a copier lease varies depending on which features you choose. In some cases, the amount of money charged for the lease will hinge from a cost-per-click with the use of an internal counter. The counter operates much like the odometer in a vehicle. Most copier lease companies require a minimum amount of monthly clicks. You will pay that rate whether you use the service or not. At the same time, you will pay when the clicker goes over the designated amount of clicks. It’s important to have an estimate of how much your photocopier will be used, and proceed from there. Each of the features you choose, such as the use of color versus B&W printing, will also create a higher rate. These rates should be noted in the original copier lease.

Free or Discounted Upgrades

Negotiate the fact that a click may be more than a click. If you have a tabloid size paper, such as 11 x 17, the counter may charge two clicks before you realize you are paying extra fees because of the size of the paper. Make this a part of an upgrade to ensure you will not be paying more than what you have declared in your budget for the copier lease agreement. At the end of your lease, it is important to consider an upgrade. Come to an agreement as to what your options may be at the end of the leasing period. Depending on how much you have used the photocopier, you should consider trading in your current model for a newer one. Most of the companies will offer the unit at the Fair Market Value.

High-Ended Copier Lease

Negotiate with the copier lease company to receive a higher-end photocopier that will provide your company with scanning, stapling, and other features. Keep in mind, however, you must consider that this option might require additional maintenance. By choosing the copier lease, you will be provided with the manufacturer as well as an authorized representative for all necessary parts. You will also have access to highly-skilled personnel to repair and maintain the multi-function photocopier. Be sure to read all of the fine print, so you are aware of what is included in the higher valued photocopier.

While lots of photocopier companies offer different options in their copier lease agreement, none match that of Konica Minolta.  Contact us for more information.