No matter what industry you work in, there is one thing that is always true: having the right tools for the job increases productivity and efficiency. This is especially true when it comes to devices such as a printer copier. Having an old or outdated printer copier can frustrate employees and slow down your entire operation. Here are a few ways that the right device can boost productivity in your office.


Having a modern printer copier makes it incredibly easy to multitask. Multifunctional devices are becoming an industry standard, which means that most printer copiers can also handle scanning, faxing, and a range of related tasks. Being able to scan a document, name the file, and email it, all from your printer copier, will make life much easier for you and your staff.


In the early days of printer copier technology, users spent a fair amount of time sorting the various pages of their document, putting them in the right order, stapling them, and so forth. Newer machines make this process faster and more accurate with features like collate, staple, hole punch, and more.

3.Budgeting and controlling use

Another fantastic feature on many new printer copiers is the ability to budget copies by department or individual user. You can allow a certain number of copies for each department or simply monitor use to identify areas where you can reduce waste. This easy process can save you money on consumables such as toner and paper.

4.Networking and mobile printing

You are probably aware of the advances in networking capabilities when it comes to computers and printer copiers. With newer devices, it is quite easy to connect multiple computers to a single printer, allowing the device to act as a hub for your entire office. Another exciting new development from printer copier brands such as Konica Minolta are mobile printing apps that allow you to print documents from your smartphone or tablet. These types of technological advances make it simple for you and your staff to print on demand.

5.Printer copier services

One of the best things about printer copier companies is that they can provide you so many services to help make your life easier. For instance, signing up for managed print services will give you access to an expert from your copier company that can help set up your printer fleet, install and update software, do routine maintenance and repair, and help you maintain your toner inventory. This will allow you and your IT department to have more time to focus on your customers and other important aspects of your business.

6.Creating great projects

A high-tech printer copier can usually produce any type of project you can imagine. You’ll enjoy the great image quality and the ability to create crisp, clear documents for anything from financial reports to marketing material. Plus, many printers have the capacity to handle a range of paper sizes, such as the Konica Minolta Bizhub C554 Color Copier Printer Scanner. This fully loaded printer copier can accommodate up to 12” x 18” paper and 90lb cardstock. The ability to create a wide range of projects will make it easy for you to avoid trips to an outside copy shop, saving you time and money.

Having a modern printer copier can do wonders for your office productivity. There are so many great features and settings that you can use to streamline your printing procedures and reduce waste. Utilizing these features will help your staff get their work done more efficiently and will help you save money on consumables and on trips to the copy shop.