Many businesses need at least one copier, if not more. Not all copiers are equal, though, which is why it’s important to take some time to determine the right copier for you. For some businesses, color copiers are ideal. Real estate professionals, for example, will want their handouts to be in full color so potential buyers can really envision themselves in the home. Other companies, though, won’t need color copies. If you’re making a copy of a receipt or invoice, for example, you likely won’t have any color on the original. A black and white copier is perfect. They’re also quite cost-effective in comparison. 

If you’re thinking about leasing a copier, a black and white machine may be ideal. Let’s take a look at the different benefits and advantages of leasing one of these copy machines from Common Sense Business Solutions. 


Cost Savings of Black and White Copiers

The biggest advantage to leasing a black and white copier is the cost savings. They’re simply cheaper to lease than color machines. Even new black and white machines are cheaper. These copiers are more complex because they have to fit multiple color cartridges. They also have to mix the different toners to create other colors. Both of these items factor into the higher cost. The complexity of color machines also impacts their maintenance. Black and white copiers have lower maintenance costs because they’re simpler and easier to repair.

It’s not just the initial leasing and maintenance costs, either. The cost of using a color copier is more expensive because you have to buy four cartridges instead of one. Most color copiers use CMYK cartridges, which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. You’ll need to have one of each color on hand at all times in case one cartridge runs out of toner. With a black and white copier, all you need is black toner. You can buy several backup cartridges of black for the same amount you’d spend on the four cartridges needed for a color copier. 


Meeting Business Needs with Black and White Copiers

Before you lease any copier, you need to take the time to assess your needs. What type of machine do you need? If all of your employees or workstations have printers, you may only need to lease a copy machine. If you need a printer, you may want to look at leasing all-in-one devices. What type of copying or printing volume do you have? If you copy a lot, you’ll want to be sure you lease a copier intended for high volume of work.

The next question to ask yourself is if you will need to make color copies. Often, businesses don’t. If you’re only making copies of paperwork, a black and white copier is all you need. Even if you do have to make a few color copies every now and then, it may be better to look for other solutions instead of leasing a color copier. 

Finally, look at your printing and copying processes. Would having a single, large-volume machine in a central part of the office be better? If the answer is yes, then leasing a single black and white copier machine may be the perfect option.


Energy Efficiency and Environmental BenefitsEnergy Efficiency and Environmental Benefits


In addition to being less complex than color copy machines, black and white copiers also use less energy. If you’re concerned about being energy efficient, a black and white machine is the best solution. You can help reduce your environmental impact while saving on your utility costs.

Another environmental benefit of a black and white copier is that there’s less waste. You’re only using one toner cartridge at a time instead of the four that a color copier uses. You’ll have less waste overall, and you’ll spend less money by not needing to purchase multiple toner cartridges at once.

If your business prides itself on being eco-friendly, leasing a black and white copier is a small way to continue that trend. It may not seem like much, but every little action adds up. By leasing one single machine instead of buying printers for every employee or workstation, you’ll greatly reduce the waste you produce and amount of energy you use.


Leasing Advantages

There are many advantages to leasing a black and white copier instead of buying one. First, leases are typically very flexible. Whether you need to lease a copier for a few months or for a few years, you’ll find that there are options. You can also often negotiate other parts of a lease, including when you can upgrade the machine and how often maintenance is done.

Being able to upgrade or downgrade your leased equipment as necessary is often more important than you may think. If you lease a small coper only to determine that you’re using it much more than you expected, you want to have the option to return it and lease a machine rated for a higher volume of work. On the other hand, maybe you decide you don’t use your leased copier as much as you thought you would. Swapping it out for a smaller one could save you money. You should have that option.

When reviewing a lease, you want to ensure that all maintenance and support services are included. You shouldn’t have to pay extra for these items. That’s one of the ways leasing copiers is cost-effective: the lease price should cover maintenance and other necessary work. If it doesn’t, look for a different leasing company. 


Selecting the Right Black and White Copier

Once you’ve decided to lease a black and white copier, you need to determine the right one. There are many different machines out there, but to make the best cost-effective choice, you need to select the right one. It needs to be able to do everything you need it to do, but it also doesn’t need to have features you’ll never use. Why pay more to lease a copier that does a lot more than what you need? 

This is where you take the list you made when assessing your needs and compare it to what each leasing option does. If there are things on your list that the copier doesn’t do, it’s not the right option for you. You might find some options you hadn’t thought about that you decide you do need, such as automatic double-sided copying. Just be sure you’re not paying for features you’ll never use.

Some of the things to keep in mind when evaluating a copier include the pages-per-minute (ppm) copy and print speeds as well as the overall volume of copies/prints per month the copier can do. You want to be sure the black and white copier you lease can handle the volume of work you’ll need it to and will be quick enough that customers or employees won’t be waiting too long.

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Common Sense Business Solutions is Here for All of Your Black and White Copier Leasing Needs

When you need a cost-effective solution for making black and white copies, you should consider leasing. Black and white copiers cost less, are less likely to break down due to their simple design, and are environmentally friendly. Of course, you’ll want to consider all of your printing and copying needs before you make any choice. It could be that you truly do need to lease a color copier instead, but you won’t know that until you’ve assessed your needs. 

Once you do know what type of machine to lease, it’s time to reach out to Common Sense Business Solutions. We have a wide range of copy machines, both black and white and color, available for leasing today.

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