When you are first starting out in a business, or you want to keep your expenditures low for a period of time in order to conserve capital, one of the best decisions you can make for your business budget is to ‘buy used.”

There are many standard office tools and equipment that can be had for sometimes pennies on the dollar if you are diligent and patient when shopping around. 

Why go with used equipment? Efficacy and cost-effectiveness dictate that function trumps image in most business office scenarios. For example, if you don’t entertain business guests, vendors or clients in your workplace then who cares if your office furniture is mismatched and from distinctly different design eras?

If customers cannot see your offices then what does it matter if your breakroom microwave and fridge are both great finds from the local thrift store? And no one will worry that the fax machine (yeah, FAX is still a thing) is a stand-alone behemoth that sucks up four square feet of counter space. 

Copier Repair

Your Business Can Be an MVP!

Why bother with buying pre-owned equipment, old tools and used office furniture? Why not just get everything new, make payments, and have a workplace that looks and feels like a serious enterprise?

The answer is that this approach either drains limited revenue or puts a company in a degree of indebtedness that isn’t necessary to the running of the business.

The goal is to create a business that is essentially an “MVP” – Minimum Viable Product, to borrow a term and concept from Eric Ries, author of the New York Times bestseller The Lean Startup. Black and white printer showing green power light and a white sheet of printed color coded paper inserted in trayAt its simplest, a minimum viable product has just enough core features to effectively deploy the product, and no more.

For a business operation, this can be implemented as having just enough tools and equipment to produce and deliver the service or product, and no more. And part of that formula can include office tools and equipment that are functional but purchased as inexpensively as possible without sacrificing quality and reliability.

One caveat: some items that are “mission-critical”, such as computers and phone systems, should probably be newer, if not brand new. Regardless of what kind of business you run, you probably need a computer or two. And no one can afford to have them fail.

Tried and True Office Equipment

Keep in mind that there is a difference between used and refurbished equipment. A blog post at the SCORE website explains it succinctly:

“Used equipment is sold as-is—it typically hasn’t been inspected and is sold without a warranty. You may be able to look it over if you’re purchasing in person as opposed to online, but you won’t know how well the item was maintained, what its history is or what problems it may have had.

Refurbished equipment is inspected and reconditioned to ensure it’s up to the seller’s standards before it is offered for sale. It may come with some type of limited warranty or have the option to purchase a warranty. Depending on the item, you may even get a full report of its condition.”

A good example is the absolutely essential office copier. 

Choosing an off-lease copier over buying or leasing a new copier can represent huge savings and a boost to a tight budget. 

Off-lease copiers are used, of course, but they’ve been used in corporate settings. Most of them have been maintained and cleaned regularly, in accordance with the terms of the vendor’s lease agreement. 


Buying an Off-Lease Copier

Still think that a color copier/printer is too expensive for your budget? 

The truth is that new, high-end copiers and printers can be pretty expensive. However, for many businesses – especially small operations – the quality and reliability of professionally maintained off-lease copiers is just the ticket!

Unlike a simply “used” copier from who-knows-where that may or may not have been serviced and maintained regularly and properly, our off-lease models are high-quality, well-known brands, which means we can easily continue to service and support them.

We make leasing or buying a Konica Minolta Bizhub or any other model easy. For more than three decades we’ve sold and leased high quality new and used color copiers from industry leader Konica Minolta to businesses in Santa Rosa and throughout Sonoma County.

If you want to invest in an off-lease copier, don’t feel that you need to figure it yourself. Come in or call and we’ll help you decide which model is right for you, explain the various functions and features, and find an off-lease model you’ll be happy with for years to come. 

Want to learn more or schedule a demonstration? Contact us today to speak with one of our skilled team members about your needs!

Contact us online today or call 707.528.2151. We can’t wait to help you get the color copier you need for all your printing, faxing, copying, and scanning needs!